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The Kiss Test by Lucianne Rivers & Giveaway

I was offered The Kiss Test by Lucianne Rivers in exchange for a review and I must tell you, have the glass of cold ice ready, the defogger for the glasses and of course no one around to see the steam wafting off the pages. This is steamy – hot – and will possibly do more than make your toes curl.

 A short read, but a quiIckee Im sure you wont forget !

Be warned it is  Erotic fiction, so if you not open minded then it’s not for you! 
So here is the book cover ** aka notice Jimmy on the cover girls **


 Newly divorced Dolores Coffey is determined to prove her ex-husband wrong; she is not a prude! Ready to work on her bedroom skills, Dolores checks into Massey Institute for Research in Sexuality and Reproduction, presided over by Dr. Charles Massey.

Charles keeps a close watch on Dolores and when she fails , he makes the  prim little Ms. Coffey his first priority for treatment. A series of "accidents" makes Dolores think that someone is trying to take Massey out of the   picture. Will either of them live long enough for her to pass  *The Kiss Test * ?


The Kiss Test introduces us to Dolores Coffey, newly divorced and searching out her sexuality - she has decided to attend the MISAR Institute.

 Dolores checks into the Massy Institute for Research in Sexuality and Reproduction to prove to her husband she is not a prude. Upon her first confrontation Dolores finds herself already lusting for those darkened blue eyes, body as hot as sin, and shoulders wide as a truck– here she meets Charles- Dr Charles indeed. Not at all the great haired man she envisaged at all!  ** Mr Panty Dropper** Indeed
 Dolores failing The Kiss Test - Charles takes it upon himself to make little ms prim and proper, Ms Coffey - his first priority for treatment.

A series of accidents take place that makes Dolores feel someone is out to hurt Massy or remove him from the picture but unsure who or why she stays and explores what the place has to offer.
The institution is designed like an exclusive resort – from a provocative menu, to naked dances in the bar, to porn on the television, the place is well equipt with all that one should need to search out any inhibitions one may have- including sex therapist  to boot.

Dolores is taken to places in her sexuality she has never been, encounters moments where she loses control and brings out that smitten kitten she never thought existed, but meanwhile someone is how to hurt her or Charles. They find themselves in more than one dangerous situation not only in bed, but also from someone wanting to hurt them. But why and who.
Will Dolores put all her fears aside and let her true sexuality take over?
Will either one of them live long enough for her to pass *The Kiss Test?*
                                             My thoughts
** Straightens ones skirt, glass of icy water ** takes sip!
Well, I must say this was certainly a thrill in itself. ** Raises eyes – winks **
A fast paced read that will not only make your eye lashes curl, toes bunch up, but also  have your panties bunching. Lucianne has created a short but erotic read, filled with lust, passion and hot smoking sex that will have you gasping for breath with the characters. The descriptions throughout are well detailed ** blushes * the norty and the nice ones. Where I’m sure you will eagerly read at record breaking pace just to get to the steamy bits and of course find out the outcome.
A  Hot smoking male lead, that I’m sure you will want to run your hands down his well chiseled abs and six pack- run your finger  through his hair and whisper things that should not be heard in public and even lick that dripping sweat from his tanned bronzed skin !  Do you get the idea!!
 I think after reading this I want me some Dr Charles ** lol ** of course he was  hot, smoking, gorgeous but not without a little past. A slightly tortured soul but with great enthusiasm, caring and hotness I’m sure all the ladies will love him.  Eager to please he is my kinda man !!
Dolores was a timid, shy- kind of girl on first impression- sexually, but in an environment like she was in, I think she found herself. If you get my drift !!  J booharrrr !! Go girl !
I found myself giggling in some part at Dolores's prude moments, but also  curious as to whom and why they were being targeted, adding that bit of suspense to a hot steamy read , my interest was certainly piqued within the first few pages.
Lucianne created parts in the read where I thought! Oh my!! I want one… Imagination was at its finest, and if you a visual reader like me … the place was well defined  in my mind. Like I said  Descriptions were well detailed giving the reader insight into much.
The chemistry between the characters was enough to singe your eyelashes , melt the tips of icebergs and leaving you slightly flustered – maybe even needing that cold shower...
A smooth flowing storyline, with chapters that ran fluently and moments where I’m sure that Dr Charles could’ve ordered the panty dropper and you would have obeyed!
Its erotic, it’s hot, with a great cast of characters, plot and dialogue that will leave you not only breathless but one of the best quickies you’ve read in awhile.  

So a little about Lucianne Rivers ..

About the Author .
Lucianne writes sensual romance for Entangled Publishing and Cobblestone Press. Born and raised in Ireland, she currently lives in New Mexico with her young daughter. Formerly a stage and television actress, she now manages a non-profit and is NM State Champion in her weight class for Olympic-style weightlifting. Long story..

twitter: @luciannerivers

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