Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spellbound by Samantha Coombs

I  was lucky enough ;) to have been given a copy for review of Spellbound by Samantha. I must say an enjoyable read for all paranormal readers with a twist and turns that will leave you **Twitching **

Here is the Cover ** Very pretty  ** and My thoughts.

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Logan Daniels leads a sheltered quiet life in sleepy Lancaster, New Hampshire. GOing to school, getting good grades, playing sport and hanging out with his best mates - Until a new girl enrolls in school - then life changes as Logan never imagined.

Logan finds himself drawn to Serena, her beauty and also something special about her -but , In time he find out what, falls in love and his life escaltes on a scale he would never have fathemed.

Serena and Logan find themselves battling evil and darkness - The head Demon wants Serena and will do anything to get her, even turn the sleepy little town upside down and hurt the ones they love.

Logan and a long line of able and powerful woman 13 including Serina will aide in the battle against evil and to also settle a long feude of their own.

Will Serina's love and the coverns strength be Logan's winfall, or will they loose to the darker side?


Well firstly I have to save Im a cover love Kinda girl and this one makes me **Twitch ** lol.. Filled with magic and mystery I can guarantee that the cover portrays the mystery inside.

Samantha Coombs has woven her magic -------- flicked her magic wand and created a story like no other. A story filled with Bad Ass Demons, Kick Arse Witches and a Warlock who has yet to find out the true meaning of power !! Your intrigued right !!

This story is filled with equal amounts of love, romance and action, and enough aspects to satisfy all the paranormal junkies out there and if so , have you mesmirized with the special goodies that Samantha has woven through the read. A teenage love you can relate to, the gooey feeling when your first in love, Samantha has portrayed and port forth this well, being realistic amoungst most young love or new love.

Love thats as sweet as honey, and a cast of characters Im sure you will enjoy, including Bad ass Demons  that Im sure you will want to destroy - or maybe cast a spell upon.** flicks magic wand ** :)

I throughly enjoyed the magic involved within each coven witch, very crafty and creative !! Not normally a story I would ever read, actually this would be my first story of this kind, and I enjoyed it !! I have spread my wings this year and have read some really great reads, including this one.

The Descriptions are wonderfully detailed a Ya Story for all who enjoy a world filled with elements of the paranormal world a little lovin and some kick arse action.

The story was written from several POV's, this I personally enjoyed, giving us insight into the characters mind, thoughts and issues and even feelings.

The chapters all flowed smoothly, and a dialogue that fluently flows which takes us into an ending Im sure the reader will find satisfying.

Samantha is currenlty working on the next story, I look forward to this to see where this world she has created takes us.

4 Magic wands!