Sunday, July 17, 2011

Werewolf Descent by Elizabeth Kolodziej * The Last Witch series *

Werewolf Descent is the second instalment in Elizabeth's series *The Last Witch * .  A fantastic second addition to Vampyre Kisses. These books must be read in order or I feel that you would not get the characters and how they have become, the settings and the storyline. Here is the blurb and book cover and then my review and thoughts..

Last witch in the world, Faith Scott, and her Irish vampire boyfriend Trent have just come back from fighting for their lives to recover the Vampiric Blood gem and Werewolf Moon gem. Thinking they could finally relax and work on the romance growing between them, they now meet a mysterious psychic vampire named Vincent who has his heart set on being with Faith.
Soon bizarre killings of Zou Tai's werewolf pack begin, with rumors of an alchemist possessing the famed philosophers stone being the assailant; which, causes Faith to turn to Vincent for help in figuring out why the werewolves are being murdered.
It isn't long before all those around them test Trent and Faith's love, along with their abilities, once again. It is all Trent can do to keep Faith safe by his side while both go up against a deadly alchemist, deceptive gods, and having to rescue the werewolf prince; yet, after a deal with the God of Werewolves will Trent be able to save himself too.

Faith Scott is the last  witch in the world. Thinking life would settle down after retreiving the blood and moon stones, with her Irish Vampire Boyfriend , a bizarre killings of werewolves is taking place. There hearts are exploding and werewolves are being kidnapped. Rumours are an alchemist is killing them, reason behind the murders is unbeknown. Faith has asked Vincent * A Psychic Vampire  - one which drains energy rather than blood )) to help. But will she get more than she planned on ?  Vincent is besotted with Faith !

Trent and Faith's love is challenged - but not only a vampire but a wolf who all have an infaction with her. Trent is kept on his toes to proof to Faith he has nothing but undying love for her.
A crazy  alchemist, deceptive gods, and having to rescue Zou Tai  from the kidnappers - Faith is determined to deal with them all to save the ones she loves.

But at what costs to Faith ?

My thoughts !!

I  must say this was a great continuous from Book one Vampyre Kisses !! I really enjoyed it !!

Faith and Trent's love is challenged throughout this read, an interesting addition ( new character to create a love triangle) is added . -  Vincent a psyic vampire - only one of his kind per generation he is  full of spunk and heat  and has an infactuation  for Faith you had to wander what his motives where.. ** He makes her tingle and doubt herself at times-  so it often made me wander if he was using his powers !! ** wink wink !

New characters added to create havoc and an  extra love  interest added , which makes it   interesting for story development, we find new characters to hate, love and grow with. All characters easily realate to and enjoy, their funny manerims, and their antics creating each individually.

Storyline I found ran  fluent , I really enjoyed the fact that Elizabeth told the story from different POV"S I found that this gave the story depth, and character. Its always nice to know what other characters are thinking throughout and this concept I found refreshing and not at all confusing. ! It was very enlightening.

All chapters running fluently, from one to the next, intriguing story and world that Elizabeth has created a new kind of vampire ! ** hot one at that ** and infactutaion and rivalry for love !! We always enjoy a love triangle !! It has you curious throughout the entire book who Faith will end up with. I even found myself wandering whom I would choose. Elizabeth made it hard for me as a reader  to pick a favourite male love for Faith !! They where all such sweeties !!

 But Trent captured my heart with his sweet nickname for Faith and his undying love and devotion.. Their love was sensual and romantic and yes lovey dovey ! But hey I love this kind !! Smokin scenes that will knock your socks off so definelty a read for the big girls !!!  ** The fireworks where definetly sparking between Faith and Trent** I enjoyed the romance they had, and the fact that Faith wasnt a whiney character, she was tough and kickarse with Trent hot on her tail to ensure she was safe at all times . ** My kinda man ** sigh -

 The rivalry between the boys just adds that little bit of excitement..

Emotions and descriptions all well portrayed.. I must say the ending had me gasping and ** yelling out ** NOOOOOO - tears and gob smacked !! NOT AT ALL WHAT I EXPECTED .... I found my  heart had shattered,,,, and thinking where Elizabeth is taking this story !!! So unpredictable and I must say Im not sure if it really happened !!!! ** wipes away tears ** A cliffhanger you that will leave you hanging by a finger !

Characters were all easily liked, and had their own personalites ! The villian - I would love to have jumped into the book to slice him open ! A villian we all loathe and hate !! Created perfectly for the reader !!

Overall, a fantastic addition to The Last Witch series, a story that will not only keep you captivated, but mesmerized from beginning to end,curve balls thrown in , and a roller coaster ride that will take you right till the very end screaming and gasping !!!

 An intriguing world that Elizabeth has created -  filled with  great characters that will not only keep your attention piqued but captivated at how she created such a unique world for us all to enjoy !!
I eagerly await book 3 !!! ** heart aching till then ! **