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The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James

I was lucky enough to have been given a copy for review by Monique and I must say I throughly enjoyed it.. For all of you who read my reviews often ,, yes here comes my gabble and hugemungus review, but sometimes I just cant help myself :) .. here is the Book cover ** Hawt ** by Elaina Lee !! and the blurb and my review !!!

Jess denies God. In his infinite wisdom, he’s taken everyone she’s ever loved. Moving to the French Quarter was a ploy to erase the guilt she felt for rebuking her faith. Perhaps, if she hadn’t met Justin, an angel preoccupied with getting back into God’s good graces, and drowning in his hatred for humanity, her plan would have worked.

Justin’s general disdain for the human race makes him difficult to like, but some higher power has appointed him her keeper. Justin’s convinced he can mend her broken relationship with her maker, but in the process he learns a thing or two about his own humanity.

Never mind falling in love, that’s not supposed to happen. In fact, it may even be forbidden. Jess just wants Justin to understand her plight, and he wants to protect her from a world she doesn’t know.

If neither are equipped to save the other, then whose soul will live and whose will perish?

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but I can guarantee this hotness ** cover love *  contains what’s inside. You will be in your paranormal element, surrounded by Angels and Demons, good versus evil and a completely different world of Angels you have never come across. It does contain the God – Heavenly factor but don’t let this deter you, if anything it gives a great insight to what a lot of people feel in their times of anguish. I enjoyed this read immensely with all aspects keeping your interest piqued till the very end.

Jess has suffered more in life than one person could possibly fathom, she watched her mother die and has run away to escape the fact that once again God has disappointed her. She has lost her faith in him, broken hearted, angry and empty  she runs to New Orleans to join the bustle and city life In hopes to try and work around her life and deal with her loss.
Here she meets her new Best friend – VI, this girl is Angelic if you may call her, any girl’s best friend. Kind, loving and a God send to Jess - She has spunk, and an aurora   I’m sure the readers will love.
Through VI she meets Justin ** swoon **... Justin is Jess’s keeper sent to look after her; he is an Angel who has fallen from Heaven to be sent to Earth to indulge in Earths pleasure, and to live out whatever pleasures he desires. With him a trio of Hotness follows – (This definetly spices up the storyline, not one but four Angels))...
 They survive as pairs, like yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers, without each other they cease to exist!!  ((Now you’re curious – must read to find out how and why!!))
Justin has no empathy for humans, he considers them ungrateful leeches, and doesn’t or can’t seem anything from their perspective.
Jess shows Justin that is more to humans that he had imagined, she opens parts of him, he never thought possible and even at deaths door knocking Justin’s humanity is challenged.
Evil lurks amongst the world; will evil take over – Will Jess surrender to the evil force who wants her dead? Will death come knocking before Jess finds her faith in God?

My Thoughts J
This book does revolve around God and Heaven, but I’m sure that you will find that the storyline meshes well with the concept, and have you mind boggled and amazed at the storyline and plot that Monique has put forward. Your attention will be piqued from page one, taking you on a rollercoaster ride, filled with curve balls, and interest throughout.
Angelic hotties – all four of them, will not only melt the tips of Antarctica but have your eyelashes fluttering and that cheesy grin forming at the end of the read and throughout. You will find yourself looking sideways, for you own Guardian Angel!!
Heartfelt moments, where you will need a tissue to dry your eyes, I could relate to Jess’s characters losing two loved ones so close.  It does deter your thoughts, and faith as to why God does these things?  Realistic in life. 
 We have those moments in life, where it just sucks, and you want to escape, Monique captured our hearts here, with her poetic emotions and heart wrenching descriptions. Yes I had tears!!!
This is where we know that the author has written a fantastic read when she pulls at your heartstrings, makes you smile, giggle and also causes your heart to flutter... When you reach for that box of tissues, and wipe away the ** slightly flowing stream - sniff sniff , it just makes you want to read more !! Just to find out !
All characters were well placed, and likeable. Even the evil – Dawson was well portrayed, I wanted to grab that sword myself and end Jess’s turmoil!!
An ending that will have you clinging to your reader or book, frantically flipping …… heart beat has increased and your holding your breathe !!

Paranormal Angels and romance blended to quicken the heart beat with every page. Elements of God, but I found this refreshing and somewhat inspiring and by no means pushy or Uncomfortable. Background info into the Angels former antics was interesting. Well placed characters, smooth flowing dialogue and enough suspense and romance to keep your interest piqued …
The Keepers is a unique story of its own, intriguing, captivating and mesmerizing all in one. A must read to add to your shelves or to be read pile.

4 !/2 Stars !
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