Friday, June 17, 2011

Karma and Melodies by Katie Salidas

Kendra used to spend her days organizing events for Café Enigma while daydreaming about Marcus, the sexy lead singer of Normal Paradox. But all those dreams of becoming Mrs. Rock Star died, along with her mortality, the moment Hector entered her life and turned her into a vampire.

Ten torturous years later, Kendra finally escapes Hector and runs straight into Marcus. (Well, actually, he hit her with his car, but that's beside the point.) The accident leaves Marcus concussed and a few pints too low, forcing Kendra to share her blood to save him.

Sharing her blood doesn’t just heal Marcus’s wounds; it bonds him to Kendra in a magical “can’t live without you” sort of way. Now he’s professing his undying love to her, and Kendra’s not sure if he’s for real or just experiencing the side effects of their new blood bond. Either way, the two of them can’t be separated without suffering suicidal levels of depression, and the band needs to hit the road for the rest of their cross-country tour.

Kendra’s content to travel with the band and explore her new-found relationship, until whispered threats from her master, Hector, start invading her dreams. He’s tracking her down, and she can feel it. She knows the horrors he’s capable of, and if he finds out about Marcus, Hector will do everything in his power to destroy him.

If she stays, Marcus is doomed to Hector’s wrath. If she goes, the repercussions of their bond might kill Marcus. Both options will break Kendra’s heart. If they’re truly meant for each other, they’ll have to find another way....

My thoughts !!
** Firstly the cover is hot ** I really liked this, it drew me in .. Not that I pick up a book for its cover but this I liked.. Im a cover love kinda girl

A short vampire novella about a newly turned vampire of ten years, a singer in a rock band and lust- love that has been remembered over ten years.

Marcus has always been in Kendras heart and thoughts, she use to sit and watch him play while she wrote poetry until that fearful night her life changed. Fate brought her back to Markus, she escaped her maker Hector to be hit by Marcus's car - hurt and in need of blood. Things happen , Markus is drawn to Kendra but is it the blood lust? Due to the depression that follows Kendra finds herself on a whirlwind with the band, traveling with them to their next gig so that Marcus is able to perform.. Hector catches up with them and Kendra fears the worst.

A short love story filled with action, suspense, and intrigue. A genre I enjoy to read. The story line flowed smoothly, flowing from one chapter to the next, no dead stops fluent and a  tantalizing treat  to the end.. Unique characters , short n sweet read but definetly a treat !!

I have now read several of Katies books and enjoyed them all ..