Sunday, June 12, 2011

Danann Frost Embraces the Darkness by Joanne Valiukas and book Launch !!!

Well what can I say !!! I made it to Melbourne for Joanne Valiukas 's book signing  and was so excited - I was nervous  !! My first ever book Launch, I was lucky to meet the lovley Lady Joanne herself, huggles, book signed and then ran home to motel to devour this read.. Danann Frost Embraces the Darkness is book two in this series. First book being Danann Frost Falls From Grace ..

So I was lucky enough to have gone to Joannes book Launch and I must say It was an experience I will never forget.. I sat back and listened to all the fans questions and had my very own book signed and Feeling rather special Joanne even had me in her acknowledgments !!! (( my second acknowledgment from one of my favourite authors ))  ** Sniff sniff ** I was tickled pink !!!

Yes I have a pic of me and Joanne !!!

Joanne and Me with my signed book !! ** grins **

and there's more !

Ok,,, so now Ive finished sharing my fab pics, Here is my book review and why I loved book 2 !!!

Danann Frost Embraces the Darkness .

Dannan has chosen once again to fall from Grace to be with the Dark One who has not only captured her heart but is now, her life, the life in which she chose to live.  She finds herself  alone and abandoned  at the lake in Western Ireland AGAIN.
  Danann is taken to a castle and  finds herself captured by Eamon  -Seth’s Ancient rival . The king of the Mayo Vampires,  Eamon Ahern himself vows to take Danann in marriage to spite Seth, but Eamon finds he is drawn to Danann like no other. An attraction that may benefit Danann in the long run. For better or worse we shall see !!   Being taunted by Seth’s mother and sister, in fear of her life, and Seth finding out the truth, Danann finds no other way, will she yield to Eamon's hand in marriage?

 He offers her protection and Danann finds comfort in Eamon. This way she will be protecting Seth from the heartache of his families betrayal and protect herself from the Dark ones who threaten her life and her light.
Danann is forced into marriage, retaliates in her own ways during her honeymoon.. She vows he will pay ! ** evil laughs*
 Will Danann fight till the end for her free  will, freedom and  her own choices ? Or will her free will be taken from her to lead a miserable and unhappy marriage? As we all know Danann likes to make her own choices not to be told what to do !!!
Danann fights for the ultimate battle of darkness, will she survive the darkness, to still regain her light, or loose life and her  light to never return.? Will she cease to exist completely?
Danann is thrown into many paths along the way, evil not only awaits at her door but comes knocking ! Will  her and  Seth ever be safely to love and lead a life filled with happiness?  
DDDDdnnnnnn !!!! **

 Had to put that part in ** lol.

Wow !! What can I say !! I read this book in almost one sitting, till my eyelids were literally pried apart with toothpicks, till I could no longer read anymore. Awakening, I tended to girl duties ** to my dismay** lol and continued on to read till the very end. I then sat there , sighed and thought Oh my THAT WAS AMAZING !!.
Joanne has created a world of her own, unique in every which way possible. This alone is captivating, expressive, mind twirling and me,  I was lost for words. This book brings out all the emotions possible,   I felt the emotions of the characters, where  I could sit back and see , feel and embrace every detail Joanne put to paper. Even giggle , sob and gasp in dismay !!!  I so love it when a writer grasps all these aspects, every detail visible so the reader can envisage whilst reading. The descriptions of the surroundings described in detail where you felt like you where actually there.
Once again Joanne has not disappointed, this book alone had me mesmerized and intrigued from page one. It definitely had my attention Piqued !!!! Right till the every end !
 I had my own conclusions I had made previous to reading this book, all to be blown out of the water, with revelations, one would not expect, be comings about that make you cry, gross you out * *yes will not tell ** and heartfelt moments, where I had to take a moment to recover !!! ** have the tissues ready **
The characters - Continued to grow .

 Mia I totally loved to bits, any girl’s best friend, devoted loving and even to the extent of even helping Danann devour a meal in which she didn’t want to engulf .. lol.. Mia was kind and loving, kick arse  and I felt her devotion and love towards Danann as her best friend and even as close as a sister. The relationship was wonderfully  built and I enjoyed Mia’s determination, thoughts and feelings. A friendship that has only blossomed over time.
Seth, well what do I say !! Joanne created a Smexy Vampire  for us all to oggle , we saw his bad side, ** mind you every male has one ** grins, his good side, but also saw his continued devotion and love he felt for his Angel, and  goddess,  Danann , this alone was beautifully woven throughout the read.

 I wanted to sucker punch him at one stage – but hey , he is a male, ** wink ** they aren’t perfect.  I liked that Joanne didnt portray Seth to be a picture perfect character but she  has let this blend throughout her story, this character  is certainly not perfect, we all make mistakes, a few in which Seth will pay for ** Evil laughs ** A believable character created with flawes like everyone .
  Seth certainly was hot, flawed -  but his continued love for Danann never faltered. Danann was his heart, and his soul no matter what the end brought about. Their love was sensual, lust filled, but loving .. 
Smokin !!!
 This was hot enough to melt the tips off any snow peaked mountain, so be warned if you don’t like suggestive goodies, sex ..... then  this is not for you !!! Its not filled with details but is suggestive and for over 18 +  ** raises eyes – lusty wink ** The loving is certainly hawt !! They are like yin and yang two parts of a whole !!! Peanut butter with honey, jatz with kabanna and cheese,  chorizzos with chocolate sauce - without each other they are nothing. ** werid comparrison but they they all go togther and make a whole when joined !!! lol..
Danann – I loved her Attitude, she was assertive, kind and loving but also had some qualms about getting what she wanted, even if it meant ** putting on her charms ** lol.. She believed in freedom of will, to have a choice and make her own decisions, this quiet often caused clashes with Seth, but this alone at times I found rather amusing !! Seth definitely gets Danann’s wraith, and vengeance !!!! His patience at times, astounded me, but in his favor he knew he had stuffed up bad !!!  ** grins ** Even in times of Darkness Danann always found the light at the end of the Tunnel, her memories shone through giving a little light on her situation, ** her light shone ** her memories are what got her through at times.
Eamon, I fell in love with, his kind and caring nature, despite being a dark one , he grew on me he was easy to fall in love with and enjoy his character right till the very end.  If I didn’t love Seth so much I could see him being an ideal love for Danann, he was a great friend confident and someone whom Danann learned to love and trust with her life. A big brother , if you may call him ,  with protectiveness that shone through..
Ash ,, he is such a sweetie !! Yes yes, I loved him too… what was not to love? His nature, his devotion and his undying friendship, this was beautifully created and continued on throughout book 2 .. I’m glad that Ash found love, the love that he and Danann shared was special, this alone was heartfelt and very emotional at times.

LUCIFER - YOUR NOW INTRIGUED !!! ** evil laughs ** It will blow your mind and have you squirming in your seat and grossed out at the same time !!!!

and remember every Vampire has their day !!! I throughly enjoyed payback !!! This will make sense once you have read it !!!! ** I was roasting marshmellows round the fire whilst the ******* burned !!!!! mwahhharrraaaa
All the other characters fit nicely into this storyline, evil ** more evil ** , all blending in snug to create those moments we all fear, love and gasp at !! All definitely necessary is this story..
Well, what can I say, the plot – storyline was definelty unpredictable, mind blowing and exceptionally  one of a kind. It amazes me how such a fantastic book can be written, created and then given life on paper.  I carried this book around with me in my head all day –  till in the end  I had to pick up another just to get it out of my  head.  It didn’t help that I had been to the book launch ** grins – happy dance ** and was in total awe with it all !! I ran back to my motel showered, fluffed my pillows and read !!!
Joanne created a different world - one filled with Vampires and Angels  - I didnt feel I was reading or had deja vu . You know !!  It had its own substance - filled with all the goodies, but also  a completely different world. Yes we have Vampire traits that come through, blood sucking, hot sex !! and lust,, but its nice to have that added extra that no one else has, this alone was intriguing. The angel part will blow your mind !!! This alone was unique !! ** Sorry no telling ** :O) Other elements of the story will also have you intrigued !! Not telling ....
The chapters all flow smoothly from one till the next, the climax had me sobbing !! The twists and turns had me refluffing my pillows, jittery and apprehensive,  the ending 
 ** SIGH **
 Can’t tell !! you must read… Joanne  had me slightly worried at one stage !!! But ……
 I had to gasp !! Shook my head, grabbed for a tissue !!!
Da dannnnnnnnnn …..
 You will know what I mean when you read it !!!!
 I found myself giggling, grinning and looking like a Cheshire cat ….   I walked away, content, happy and in total awe at a read that will definetly be archived in my memory always.

. A must read for all, make sure you buy book two when buying book one as you won’t be able to wait !!!! 

I have no negative thoughts or apprehensions... I enjoyed this read without a doubt !

 5/5 ….

Here is Joannes website !!  Where you can read Excerpts .. The book is available at Amazon, and can be purchased for $2-99 e format 
Pop on over to Joanne 's site where links are posted for buying the book in print, kindle or I tunes !!! You wont be dissapointed !!!