Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guilty as Charged by Anna James

I was lucky enough to have been asked by Anna James to review her books ;) This one Guilty as Charged is a short read at only approximately 80 pages long, ideal for a cold night where you dont feel like a full length novel  or just after something short and sweet ..  -  Filled with romance and a few thrills and some added suspense Im sure you will enjoy this short read..  Love the cover !! What do you think ??

Nicole Bradford works in a construction business; -one busy day at work she accepts a phone call from Max Paradis, he is mesmerized by the voice on the end of the phone and finds himself in aure. The next day she meets sexy and handsome Max who sweeps her off her feet, with a passionate kiss to find that this lady is not his brother’s finance but her sister. ?? Now your curious as to why ?? He would be kissing his brothers girl ?? lol.. Their connection was immediate – sizzling and sparks flew and here the romance begins. Max is besotted with Nicole; she is beautiful, intelligent and has an artistic flair that not every man can appreciate. She is the absolute opposite of his ex wife.

Nicolas future comes back to haunt her- Carlos is back and in need of more money or he will reveal Nicole’s past and secrets. Will the secrets interfere with Nicole’s new found happiness and love? Is she able to trust Max and tell him before Carlos does? Will her past come back and tear away their love before it truly begins? Will Nicole be finger marked GUILTY as CHARGED by the ones she loves??

Guilty as Charged is a fluent paced, interesting love story filled with mystery and romance and also sadness. Storyline is evident, smooth flowing plot and dialogue and very likeable characters throughout this read.

Max is a sexy, strong and determined character, wealthy and successful and set in his ways. He is a slightly tortured soul, married and unhappy to a lady who only loved his money, he found that money doesn’t buy everything – not true happiness and love. Now divorced and single, Max wants what money can’t buy , Love and a woman who can love not only for what his pockets can offer her. I liked his character- gentleman in his own ways, loving and sexy ** wink **

Nicole was definite set in her own ways. Independant, determined to be the parent to her two younger sisters, look after them and give them everything they need in a happy life , send them to college even if it meant working two jobs. She is a caring and considerate person, stands up for herself and also took it upon her to rely upon no one... ** Loved the fact that she did her own oil change ** I like a character who is not whiny and is dependant !! Her good intentions in the story lead her  to lie to protect the ones she loves, is very true to life. We all do what we have to do!!  Even if it may not be the right thing to do.

I enjoyed all the secondary characters, all playing their key roles in this story. I’m sure we shall more of them in the following stories of the sisters.

At only 80 pages long, this is an ideal short read for anyone not after an in-depth story or length. I felt nothing was missed out and the whole 80 pages, the storyline fit and ran fluently. It flowed from beginning to end leaving the reader intrigued to only find you have flipped page after page and still interested.

The love between the main characters was evident, Anna’s descriptions written well. ** The Kiss ** I always enjoy in a romance ** It defines the relationship between the characters, hot and passionate! The romance was not over the top is this read, I personally wouldl like to have seem more ** I love a good mushy romance ** but in only 80 pages once can only include so much snogging !! **grins **

Ideal for all who love a short romance filled with all the toppings. A bit like a cupcake, first test the waters to see how it tastes, then once it has tickled your taste buds, full bore ahead till the end. This is my first book I’ve read of Anna’s and look forward to more of her works in the future!!