Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exile *Mercy book 2 * by Rebecca Lim

I had the pleasure of reviewing Exile ;) and I must say I really enjoyed it ! Rebecca has thrown in twists and suspense to leave you wanting more .. Here is my book review as to why I enjoyed it .. My review does contain spoilers.

 Rebecca has introduced us to a world of angels in a completley different light ! In exile, Rebecca has continued with Mercy's world - a world entirely different of its own.. An angel who no longer wants to be in exile !! She just wants to be herself, but whom is she ??

Exile continues on with Mercy being exiled from Heaven, still unsure of the crime she has committed and has been banned for.

Mercy wakes to find herself in the body of Lela Neil - an eighteen year old girl who works at the Green Lantern, serving coffee to strippers, suits and all kinds of patrons. Lela spends her nights beside her dying mother’s bedside, sleeping in the arm chair and caring for her mother who is terminally ill. The days are long, and Lela waits for that dreaded day to come.

Mercy seems to take on Lela's body a lot easier this time, fitting into this new body with more finesse and ease. Quickly falling into her new temporary life.

Luc finds Mercy and still visits her, in her dreams, promising that he will find her and encourages Lela to find her Human friend Ryan. Torn between her love for Luc and her new affection for Ryan, Mercy hunts for Ryan.

Luc gives Mercy snippets to help her along the way to find Ryan in Paradise. Their must a reason behind his actions, so she searches.

Along the way Mercy is discovering parts of her true self and feelings. What Mercy doesn’t know is that her actions may cause serious repercussions, and this affecting the people around her.

The eight are determined to keep Mercy and Luc apart; every time he gets close to her, they banish her once again to another life. The reason behind is still unknown ?

Mercy takes Lela on a whirlwind of events... some that may never be reversed.

My Review.

Well I must say that I enjoyed Mercy but Exile was taken a notch higher, giving it a 4 1/5 stars, it had all aspects of a great novel. It was filled with drama, murder, mystery, and suspense and even a little hint of romance. Enough to keep you intrigued, and interested and read till the very end. I read this in one sitting, and was impressed -   eagerly awaiting book 3. A cliffhanger that will have you pondering in which direction Rebecca is taking us. An ending where you are definetly wanting more. UNPREDICTABLE AND WOW !

A lot came about in this story. I found that Lela reminded me a lot of Carmen in the last body that Mercy inhabited, however saying that Lela's story so much sadder. Both girls torn and damaged, but Lela's story ripping and heartfelt.  It certainly tugs at your heart strings, leaves you gapping at the jaw and certainly teary eyed. Rebecca surprises us with the twists and turns - leaving the reader with no idea and an ending certainly unpredictable.

The plot was well defined; this was very well outlined throughout this read, chapters running smoothly from one to the next, dialogue running fluently throughout.  The climax had me shocked and taken aback ! Not at all what I expected, which is great from the readers point of view, I didnt see this coming at all but ,  it gives us room to be intrigued, mesmerized and I also found myself very curious and leaving myself wandering - WHAT'S NEXT ?

I am growing to love Mercy's character more and more with each story; Rebecca is introducing Mercy and certain aspects into the storyline giving us insight to history and shards of the real Mercy not the body that she has inhabited. Twists and turns become about in Exile, which of course is great... New area for us to visit in upcoming books. Ryan is once again introduced, only filling a small section of this story, I would like to have seen more of him, but saying this I think we will see alot more in book 3 as the love triangle becomes about.

As readers we are handed a villian, their true colours do not show till the very end. A character Im sure you will dislike and that will leave you gob smacked with the outcome.

Secondary characters will have you keen and certainly interested, all viable and necessary and of course fitting into the plot like a key into a lock. Unlocking elements throughout, giving us that unexpected questions and you raising your eyes as to where the story is heading .

The romance between the characters heat up in Exile ;) Cute if you may call it, but also leaving you to wander where the love will get a chance to begin. I have my own thoughts and I can see room for growth in both Mercy’s character as well as the romance, to flourish in the next book. The eight are introduced- Now your curious !!! I know I certainly was !!!! Im sure we shall see more in this direction - I look forward to this.  I enjoyed the background information and defiently look forward to finding out more. Overall I completely enjoyed this second Novel Of Rebecca Lims and eagerly awaiting book 3.