Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shockwave by Amy Romine

Amy Romine has a new series out !!! The Tarot series.  Shockwave being book one. !!!! Here is my book review and why I enjoyed this suspsenseful romance.!!

Kate is an FBI agent, hiding from a kidnappiing she cant remember. Her friend Mike offers her respite at his radio station hoping that life moves on and that she will remember that horrible night.
Here Kate meets Jack, the morning radio host, he is cocky and arrogant and Katie and Jack find themselves slightly deturbed by each other, Kate with Jacks arrogance and finds him approachable, Jack with Kate's controlling nature.
A business trip finds Jack and Kate finding their desires run along the same path, but are they already putting out the flames out desire before the passion truly ignites. Emotions rise, past is revisted and secerts are reveiled. Two both very differnt people from two different paths of life, with this bring them together or tear them apart..

My Review !!!
Once again Amy Romine has delivered the goodies. – A suspenseful romance filled with twists and turns, I’m sure not even a roller coaster ride would take... You will be shocked, intrigued and drawn into this suspense, flipping to find out what’s next...!!

In Shockwave we meet Jack and Kate. Jack is a cocky, handsome, self absorbed and arrogant radio host. Living life enjoying his unattached status and living foot loose and fancy free. I rather enjoyed Jacks ** Cockiness ** if you call it that, he had spunk, yet we also found his weaknesses. Despite his hard, non caring exterior Jack found himself wanting something in life he wasn’t searching for. He wasn’t impressed with Kate’s assertiveness and controlling nature but in time, he works out Kate’s true side.
So both Characters like polar opposites, but saying that Opposites do attract...
Kate, an FBI agent, good at her job, and dedicated. I enjoyed her assertiveness – 20th century kick arse chick style aurora.. She was her own person! Believed in her ways, and stuck to them. Protecting the ones she cared about even if it meant hurting herself in the process.
The attraction between Jack and Kate was Smokin !! Sensual and full of passion.. Their loving was tasteful, sexy yet also enough to have you eagerly flipping briskly through the pages. ** Lusty wink ** Nothing quite like a bit of romance and love to add to a suspenseful story.

Shockwave is an intriguing, fast paced suspense, with a climax that makes you want to rip the arms of the chair you sitting on!! It will have you nodding and wandering and slightly heartbroken …. But I knew Amy had her reasons, which will come about in book two I’m sure.
The dialogue flowed smoothly, chapters fluently running from one to the next, plot well outlined and character development wonderfully created.
I enjoyed all the secondary characters, all playing their parts well, in the twist and turns, throughout the book. We all have characters we fall in love with, others we don’t like to see leave due to unexpected circumstances, but all their parts vital in creating that atmosphere in Shockwave... Ending is definitely not predictable...
It will leave you shocked!!
Another great start to a fabulous series and I eagerly await book 2.


 5 / 5