Monday, April 4, 2011

Stranded with Her Ex by Jill Sorenson

Well, Today its been raining and mr Mail man Delivered me three parcels today,, one of which was my book I had won From Jill ;) I settled in made a cuppa and delved into *Stranded with her Ex *.. I really enjoyed it !! Here is the book blurb, cover and My review ..

An exotic wildlife preserve is a dream come true for conservation biologist Daniela Flores. Until she finds out her ex-husband is leading the research team. World-famous shark expert Sean Carmichael has only grown more ruggedly appealing in the time they were apart…the passion between them more intense than ever. But how could Daniela forgive Sean for betraying her when she needed him most?
Sean had come to the remote Farallon Islands to study killer sharks. Now a real killer is on the loose, threatening the woman he's never stopped loving. And this time, he knows he can't walk away. Marooned together during a deadly storm, Sean vows to go to hell and back to save Daniela…and for the chance to begin again.

My Review :)
Trouble in paradise??

How would you feel to be stuck alone on an island with your ex ?? Not all endings end well, but not all love is always lost.

Daniela Flores is a conservation biologist, her dream job has come true, one year of waiting and she is assigned to her ideal position of a lifetime - to work on an exotic wildlife preserve in Farallon Islands. Upon arriving at Farallon she was ready to move with life, beat her anxieties and enjoy her new job.

 Until she finds her  Ex husband -Sean Carmichael is running the research team. Sean has come to Farallon Islands to research Killer sharks, and now they have both gotten more then they have bargained for.  A rift is still in place, a heart wrenching  divorce, Daniela heartbroken, ready to move on  and Sean determined not to let her into his heart or deter him. An uncomfortable situation for both.

 Are they able to move on and just do their jobs assigned? Can Daniela ever forgive Sean for him betraying her when she needed him most?

The passion between them is more intense than ever, Sean and Daniela can’t deny the electricity still flowing between them, but either wanting to admit it. Sean's feelings have resurfaced and can’t help that he still lusts, and yearns for his love of his life. Daniela, also heats up at the site of Sean, his ruggered appearance, has not dulled the intensity she felt for him in and out of the bedroom.

A turn of events take place, the boat is sabotaged, the communication lines are cut, and Daniela plunges into the ocean after a railing is loosened. There is someone on the island, causing havoc and destruction in their wake, for what reason it is unknown. It seems that this isolate island is no longer safe, a killer is on the loose, has attacked one of the researchers and Sean and Daniela have no choice but to be stranded and alone on the island with a killer.

 This book arrived in my mail box, I settled down to a cuppa and just read. From the moment I started I was drawn into this suspenseful, romantic thriller. An intriguing page turner from beginning to end. The right amount of romance and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, reading just to find out who the killer is, why, and if love does find its way. Even the smexy , luscious scenes had me friskily reading ;) Sighing - to myself... lol

The storyline was fluent, flowed smoothly from each chapter till the next. Providing us with that suspense and mystery and tantalizing us with the romance between Daniela and Sean. The romance was electrifying, sensual and breathe taking. I really enjoyed the way that Jill defined their emotions, at times I had to wipe a tear from my eye, it was that heartwarming and heartfelt... It had me pulling at my heart strings like a marionette. ** I know I am an emotional reader **  lol.. The ending definelty unpredictable, this alone left me captivated.
 The love was undeniably mesmirizing !
  But the suspense - will have you gasping in dismay. !!!!!!

The main characters fit well together like icing on the cake, very much alike yet very much their own personalities. Sean, hot, good looking, athlete type material with a soft heart, yet hard demnear at times. Straight forward and admirable.  But when he realized that someone on the island was endangering Daniela's life, he swore to protect her till his last breath, even in the eyes of Shirley ... 

Daniela was more a tortured soul, having experienced a lot in the past years, loosing someone she loved, almost dying and surviving-  she surfaced from her zone  and tried to move on the best she knew how. Very withdrawn at first, but Sean brought out that part of her that she had hidden for two years. Making her someone new and ready to live again.

The secondary characters, I really liked, all very different characters, but blended in with the story line and I rather enjoyed Jason's flirtatious comments and humor.

Overall, captivating read, filled with luscious, and sensual love, a love you would die for, and a dream worth fighting for, and a killer you would kill to protect the one you love.