Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book review Hunters Moon by Felicity Heaton

Hi everyone hope that your week has been great so far !! To start my week off ,, which has been just work work work and no play I decided to write up my review for HUNTERS MOON by FELICITY HEATON I must say I was lucky enough to have read an arc of this and totaly fell in love again !!! Yes I know !! I cant keep count how many times this year I have with so many sexy, male charcters out their !!! The cover does it for me for starters !! yes I am a cover lover !!! But its whats inside that counts right !! :P


So firstly!! Cover love... I must say this cover drew me in. Nicolae on the front cover is one muscular, sexy werewolf ***swoon *** everything you see is what you get! They say don’t judge a book by its cover but this one is certainly no disappointment... Felicity never disappoints with her art work and cover love!!
Story -
Nicolae and his wolf pack are running through the wilderness, when he picks up a scent not far from hunters nearby. He stumbles across an injured beautiful woman unconscious and bleeding, his past tells him to kill her, but his gut tells him to save her - she is a vampire. Something he loathes and hates down to his core.

Nicolae's past has come back to haunt him, his lost his entire pack to a cavern of vampires-  *The Tenabrae * a century ago. His pack and him tried to escape and in the process he lost everyone close to him. He was the Alpha and it was their job to protect him at all costs - which was their lives. This he will never forgive himself for.  Nicolae was tortured, and kept as a slave that whole time then to escape and find his new found freedom in the mountains far away with no one.
Nicolae now runs with a local pack, he only interest in keeping to himself and living his own life. Nicolae is a strong, dominating character, suffering and leading a life hidden, damaged and withdrawn into only his own existence.  Not letting anyone in, in sheer worry that some day he may also lose them to. His past constantly haunts him; he can never forgive himself for loosing everyone he cares about. so now  he chooses to broad in the mountains and suffer in silence. Nicolae comes across as a strong character, capable of some kick arse stuff, but he is definitely a tortured soul in need of saving. Compassionate and caring, dam hot and sexy how can one man posses all these qualities you say!! Read the book and find out... You find yourself feeling drawn in by his sadness, but also at his boldness and caring character.
Nicole decides to take this injured woman home despite what his gut tells him. Tatyana finds she awakes, in a strange place, to be faced head on with Nicolae her first instincts to attack him - the vampire in her, she  tastes his blood and realizes he is a werewolf and no match for her. Nicolae comes across cold and resentful full of hate and loathing and Tatyana tried to explain to him that things have changed, they have evolved.
In time Nicolae tells Tatyana of his past- her shock warms Nicolae's heart and slowly he lets her in. Tatyana informs Nicolae that her coven * Nocens* are not like that that, things have changed and evolved, they now work with werewolves in unison , in the best possible way in which the Law keepers allow them to.
 Tatyana explains to Nicolae why she has come so far from home, Nicolae lets her in little bit by little bit, feeling her pain at the loss of a loved one as well. The more he finds out about Tatyana he starts to realize that things have changed. Tatyana’s character is kick arse, and strong, brave and vicious yet also has that depth to love, but was also able to display he weaknesses. She was one kick arse vampire !!  I enjoyed watching the resolve between the two characters, them try to deny the feelings they have but even they both can feel it.
Hunters Moon has that perfect amount of equal balance between love- romance and suspense. A fluent storyline that keeps you intrigued throughout the whole read. Chapters followed smoothly, character development great ! Descriptions in the book you could envisage at times I felt I was there and able to feel the snow under my feet and the cool breeze in the air and even picture the cottage.  The romance was sensual, and luscious and in the end magnetic and electifying. This I enjoy in a romance. I know I’m a romantic at heart, but this had that perfect amount of heat. * I once again have fallen in love * Nicolae comes across strong and evasive yet also able to let his resistance down.  The characters were well described and new characters introduced. The constant battle between Nicolae and Tatyana was enjoyable they both wouldn’t let down their resistances, but in time they both opened up and accepted they both had strong feeling no matter how wrong it maybe. Dialogue felt natural enough and everything flowed smoothly and fluently almost like poetry. The ending was perfect; I was no left hanging and wandering mouth agape. I was content!  More that I was star struck but Nicolaes strong sexy character. ** I know I have said this before **
Overall *Hunters Moon * was action packed full of romance, never a dull moment, providing the reader with everything you could want and more! 
Felicity never disappoints and I must say one thing that always captivates me is the in-depth details she provides in her work. The emotions are felt, described completely, the scenery, the appearances; it’s like living in the book whilst reading.
** mabye if I closed my eyes** Id be able to jump into my other world !!!