Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review *Run to You * by Sarah Ballance

Well what a weekend I had ,, but I managed to squeeze in quick read, I read Sarah Ballance's book RUN TO YOU  in one sitting and I must say I loved it !! A fantastic  Erotic -  Romance- thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and briskly reading just to find out the good stuff. !!! .Please do pop on over to Sarah 's website to check out her other titles ** Down in Flames ** which I will place a review once I have read !!! A big thankyou to Sarah :) I won this from Coffee time Romance  and I must say it was wonderful to meet a new author !!!

Sarah's website :

Mattie James’s life is in turmoil, she has been engaged twice in two years, her life is constantly not so private, and her life strewn all over the tabloids and she just wants out. Being the senator’s daughter is not Mattie’s cup of tea, and not the life she wants to lead, expectations are made of her and all she wants is a normal life.

Hutch, Mattie’s best friend – ex lover decides to whisk her away to a beach front cottage in a small town, to forget about everything and escape the havic created after her bitter separation with now ex fiancĂ©.
However Hutch is hoping their friends with benefits system will step up to the next notch until Mattie meets Handsome Sherriff Wyatt Reed. She is intrigued by him and decides to be bold and take that next step, finding herself very forward she asks him out. After a turn of events takes place not one but two murders happen - in this small community, and she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and not feeling so safe anymore.

Hutch is Mattie’s Rock and she finds herself on most occasions leaning on him to get her through. Their friendship is solid and very heart warming, no matter what - Mattie knows that Hutch will always be there.

In a whirlwind of events, lies are told, betrayal is present, and the suspense is electrifying. A romantic thriller, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, unpredictable by any means. It kept me guessing the whole way through, when I thought I had worked it out more suspense and thrills were thrown in. The plot was fast paced, character development was great!! And the storyline smooth and fluent with no dead stops or dull moments.

I enjoyed the sensual romance between Wyatt and Mattie it was electrifying, magnetic,  romantic and....  luscious in certain scenes. The story line had the right amount of suspense and romance, both going hand in hand. I enjoyed all the characters, Mattie with her friendly attitude and caring towards her friends and also her get straight to the point attitude with Wyatt no beating around the bush, what Mattie wants she gets. Wyatt was at first taken aback by Mattie’s forwardness but also found it refreshing at it brought a side of him back he thought he had lost. She brought out that part of him, he had longed for.
Hutch I found cocky yet intriguing and I liked that he felt so much emotion for Mattie he wasn’t afraid to let her know how he felt. This quiet often backfired on him.

The storyline takes its turns of events, the ending I did not expect at all, I felt myself briskly reading through just to get to find out who was the villain behind these bloody murders and why.. It will mesmerize you, and you will be gobsmacked with the final ending !!! I know it surprised me!!!! This I loved -  the element of surprise is always unexpected and welcomed.
I Loved the way Sarah explained the surroundings I  invisaged it all, and could see every scene that played out. Very well described, giving an excellent visual whilst reading. I could even hear the sea as it whooshed .. I felt as though I was there at the time.
Overall this is the first book I have read of Sarah’s and I immensely enjoyed it... An erotic thriller- with that right amount of sensual romance and thrills to make it an incredible read.

I gave this 5 hot pokers !!!

Romance to dream of and suspense to keep you up at night ** I totally agree Sarah ** I loved this quote !!!