Monday, January 3, 2011


I had the pleasure of reading the arc  Love Immortal

 -  I must say it was like riding in a  Ferrari , sleek on the outside,(( LOVED THE COVER))  great to look at and a full on ride,   full throttle ahead  till the end.  It had me on the edge of my seat, wanting more never bored or deterred. Never missed a corner  I had that accelerator flat to the floor till I reached the end!!!!  Fantastic ride!!! I loved every minute of it!!!!

Lauren looses both her parents and is moving on with her life. On her way home from her Kendo class she is approached and attacked by a werewolf, a handsome immortal - stranger from nowhere saves her from the claws of a werewolf and takes her back to her house, her life changes from this moment on.  Lauren did not believe in monsters that they could be possibly   true but from this night on she is not sure what to believe anymore. Her life changes !!
Julian is dreamy, handsome and at first quiet, and mysterious, with fangs. ((Something I love in my reads, an irresistible Vamp).   He tells Lauren of whom she is and where she has come from.  Lauren is the reincarnation of a Greek Demi-goddess-  Illia  she looks exactly like her previous incarnations but Julian can feel she is different from them all. She looks and acts differently , they have this connection from the moment they laid  eyes on each other . He loved Illia and has suffered three thousand years of torture to have none of the previous love him in return and unable to save them.   Her Destiny- to kill Lycaon the head werewolf who has killed her time and time again over three thousand years.  She must defeat him to save her life, her love and convince Julian her love for him is real and that she does love him.  She must try and Break through his armour,  show him she is different, that she can love him like no other incarnations previously had and that he is worth her love. Can he return her love?
In time Lauren’s life and destiny unfolds, she must be re - awakened to follow her destiny and what she was destined to do. Kill Lycaon. Blood sharing, neck biting , tension all follows.
Julian is an Arcadian Commander, who sacrificed his human life to save Illia – previous incarnation his love of his life. When she died a part of him was left behind with her.  Three thousand years later he is heartbroken, hurt and unable to forget his pain over all these years. Never being able to love again.  Slowly Lauren re opens his heart, and he rediscovers love   again. Lauren shows him there love is worth fighting for.  He fought against it, as Illia forbid it, years before, but Julian discovers love is worth fighting for even if  he may die in the end to say the one he loves.
 The ghost team who helped Lauren consisted of Piper, Kuga, Leo, Astra and Duke were all soldiers in their own ways on a mission to help Lauren defeat Lycaon. Morgan werewolf created first from former lover of Illia was also a great character, at first I did not warm to him but in the end I enjoyed him thoroughly. The characters   were all unique in their own ways. Memorable and each of their own special abilities. I   laughed with them, tears came to my eyes in certain parts, which I must say wrenched at my heart, I did not see this part coming. For those who have read it this will make sense. This part I must say I wasn’t thrilled about, (( sniff)) but I realize there can’t be a happy ending or middle with every story.
 They all contained their own powers in which they used to help Lauren in her battle against Lycaom. The character building was fantastic, the relationships between them all entwined well and flowed freely. The way Felicity created  her world of Vampires and Werewolves intrigued me,  her origins and ideas well thought out and once again  perfectly fit this story. This story was smooth, no bumps along the way, and I must say it was more than exciting in some parts.  J
This story was jammed packed full of action, suspense, love and lust !!!  It wasn’t over the top with sex scenes, but what we did get was certainly hot and steamy !!  I personally would have loved more !!  I like it hot , but  I enjoyed the sexual tension, the neck biting (( fans oneself )) and the intense feelings she produced for her characters was amazing. I really enjoyed how Felicity showed her characters emotions, I found it hard to control myself at times.( Sniff sniff )   Overall, this was the first book I have read of Felicity’s and it was amazing. !!! I loved all the characters, the storyline, the plot, the character building , the necking !!! And well the paranormal aspects of it all. I did not feel anything was missed out, full to the brim and overly flowing with substance .. It is a fantastic read and I intend to buy more of her books and enjoy her world of Paranormal.

Pop on over to Felicity's Site for more of her books : You wont be dissapointed ;)