Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manday Hotties Blog Hop !!!

Welcome all to another Manday Hotties Blog Hop hosted by Felicity Heaton !!

This week Ladies I have some hotties for you !!


Beauty is surely in the eyes of the Beholder !! lol.. hope you enjoyed your candy this week !! See you next week !


Felicity Heaton said...

Love the tat on #3! *purr*

I know the final one is Henri, but he really does remind me of Pique who plays for FC Barcelona, my team.


Madame D said...

Blood Pressure!!!

Damn it woman! You're killing me - all that muscle!! Yum!!

And yes Henri is gorgeous!! I have him all over my Hunkalicious page. Grr...

xx satin sue xx said...

ohhhh bloody hell woman you gave me a kick start :0