Sunday, November 27, 2011

Laughing Through Life - Connie Wilson Book Review

"Laughing through Life" is the book of funny essays and observations that critics have called "Erma-Bombeck-meets-David-Sedaris," with hilarious results. You'll find yourself nodding your head in recognition of many of the situations that a young mother, teacher and business-owner encountered while raising 2 children born 19 years apart (PTA membership from 1973 to 2010!). Connie's adventures while covering the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns with press passes also will amuse---especially if you thought "W" was a bonehead. (If you are not a progressive, you might not laugh quite as heartily. Be warned.) Smile. Enjoy! Laugh through life with Ava & Elise Wilson, the author's 2-year-old twin granddaughters, who provide a never-ending supply of funny anecdotes, (just when she thought it was safe to go back in the water.)

My thoughts

Connie has woven this story filled with short stories from getting her ears pierced and receiving cauliflower ears, to dealing with other not so fun, but amusing obstacles in life. Other parts in life requiring more depth than your average day .

Moments where I’m sure as a reader you will be grinning and thinking to yourself I would’ve been going ballistic by now,

To other moments where I’m sure that things may have not seemed to get better.

A short fun filled read, not my normal genre that I read however enlightening and amusing.. An ok read for me but Depending upon what genres you enjoy to read, Im sure that you will find the funny antics and moments throughout amusing . Also thinking to yourself ! Ive been there and done that lol.. Or something close to it !

Connie can be found over at her blog Here


Teddy Rose said...

I'm glad you found it a fun read even though it isn't your preferred genre.

Unknown said...

Im willing to try an Genre !! :) Moments throughout the read that makes you giggle !! Certainly fun and entertaining ..