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Kiss me Crazy blog Tour guest Post with Ednah Walters * Sisterhood**

Welcome to the Kiss me Crazy blog tour !! Today I have Ednah here with her tribute to her writing sisters !! ** Sisterhood**

Good morning and thank you for inviting me to stop by your site on the blog tour for KISS ME CRAZY, book 3 of the FITZGERALD FAMILY series.  

Today I want to pay tribute to my girls, my writing sisters, these amazing women who’ve endured and toiled with me by weeding out the junk in my WIP and streamlining it. They’ve guided me through the jungle of the publishing industry, shared publishing tidbits, marketing tips, and the ups and downs of our daily lives.

Thank you, Jennifer Laurens, Dawn Brown, Theresa Bellew, and Chicki Brown. They are all published authors with several books under their belts, or soon-to-be published—congrats Tere.  You are all amazing writers and wonderful friends.

I’m big on sisterhoods. Women helping women.  Supporting each other. In my books, I always have my heroine interact with her female friends, whether they are relatives or just girlfriends. Here’s an excerpt from KISS ME CRAZY when Kara’s friends tease her about Baron.


Silence filled the limo as it sped away. The interior lights illuminated her friends’ curious gazes, but Kara chose to ignore them. She was still trying to catch her breath after that brief moment with Baron a few seconds ago. Her raging hormones were turning her into a nymphomaniac—she couldn’t come within a foot of the man without thinking about how he’d taste or noticing the sexy way he looked when he squinted, the curve of his lips when he smiled. Even the little scar on his chin fascinated her.

“What was that about?” Chloe asked, breaking into Kara’s thoughts.

Kara knew exactly what her friend meant but chose to misunderstand. “Sorry I was delayed. I know how you get crabby when you’re hungry.”

“Don’t try to make this about me, girl. Okay?” Chloe looked at her sister and Renee for support. “I’m talking about that little scene out there with Mr. Scrumptious Candy.”

“Business, Chloe. I know you recognized Baron,” Kara added the dig.

“That was your Baron?” Shannon jumped in. “I mean, your boss?”

“Hot, isn’t he?” Chloe smacked her lips.

Shannon’s eyes were wide as she added, “How can you work with him without wanting to… you know?”

“Jump him is what my brilliant but virgin sister is trying to say,” Chloe added, throwing her sister a teasing look. “Quit poking me with your boney elbow, Shannon.”

“Then stop making fun of me,” Shannon retorted. “Just because I don’t share details of my sex life with you doesn’t make me a virgin.”

Chloe sucked her teeth. “Then stop acting so damn repressed all the time. It’s irritating. And you’d better not try that act tonight either. I didn’t pull you out of your place to have you warm a chair and turn down dance after dance.” Chloe pointed at Renee and Kara. “Now back to you two.” Chloe’s gaze zeroed in on Renee’s expression, but the assistant D.A. stared right back with a tiny smile, as though she was enjoying a private joke.

Chloe glared at her and turned to Kara. “Are you keeping a secret from me, Kara? Because that little scene back there—placing a wrap around your shoulders, gazing into your eyes while playing with your hair—is not a normal way a boss acts toward an employee. Do I smell an office romance? Not that I blame you or him. It’s about time you got some. You can’t keep flying solo forever.” She made rocking moves on her seat, grinning.

Kara’s ears burned. Chloe’s bluntness shocked her at times. “Chloe, there’s nothing between Baron and me.”

Renee laughed. “Tell her, Kara. Tell her how he’s not your type.”

This was the problem when a friend knew your business; she put it all out there for everyone to see. Although the three of them were tight—Shannon usually used her job as an excuse and rarely hung out with them—she’d only discussed Baron with Renee.

“He’s aloof and arrogant, right?” Renee continued.

Kara clenched her teeth, refusing to be drawn into discussing Baron.

“As chauvinistic as they come. And don’t let me get started on his womanizing ways,” Renee added. “In fact, most of the Fitzgerald men are like that…gorgeous, successful, charming, and bona fide skirt-chasers. In college, Baron and his twin brother made a bet to see how many coeds they’d—”

“Stop it, Renee.” Kara shook her in confusion. Renee grew up with the Fitzgeralds and knew them quite well, but Kara had never heard her talk like this. What was her problem? She’d even hugged Baron just a few minutes ago for crying out loud. “The man is my boss and I’m not going to sit here while you besmirch his character. For starters, I don’t know or care how he acted when he was in college, because the Baron I know carefully picks and chooses the women he beds. He’s neither cold nor arrogant. He just doesn’t wear his feelings on his sleeve, which is very important in his line of work…in any line of work. He’s also very single-minded when going after something, a very admirable trait if you ask me. Kind of like you.” She glared pointedly at Renee. “Or you Chloe. Spend time with him and you’ll see how brilliant he is. He’s not arrogant or….”

Kara’s voice tailed off when she noticed the expressions on her friends’ faces. She’d walked right into a trap and given away her rapidly escalating feelings toward Baron.

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