Friday, October 21, 2011

Dracula's Kiss Review Joanne Kenrick

Today I have Joanne Kenricks latest One night Stand Release Dracula's Kiss its Sexfully sinful !!! (no such word ) pft Its hot !  


Cathela's Office Halloween Ball is a complete bust; she spills out her Dracula's Bride costume and her vamp fetish chases away her boyfriend. Only redeeming feature to the night? Necking multiple shots of Dracula's Kiss--a lush Black Cherry Vodka cocktail--and an interlude with a gorgeous man dressed Gary Oldman style.
No one comes close to satisfying Alec Murray's needs until he meets Cathela during some lame-ass party for bankers. One taste of her blood, sweet yet darkly dangerous, he knows she's perfect for him.
A night of goth bondage is planned for one. For the other, a night of sexual control is a must. A perfect fit. Alec is compelled to reveal his true nature, but can he trust her with his secret.

My thoughts ......

What would you do if your darkest fantasy came gate crashing your party? All dressed as Dracula, sinfully hot to trot, with an accent the drools goodness. Cathela is intrigued... not only by his outfit but by his Scottish lingo. Cathela is mesmerized by Vampires, she wants many things and Alec knows just what she wants. ** waggles eyebrows **

She is over her nonexistent boring life and now wants what she wants - her fantasy fulfilled.

Cathela turns down Dracula’s advances walking away with a business card to call One Night stand - here is where all your fantasies are granted. ** The attraction between Alec and Cathela was magnetic but due to her current circumstance waits........

....... One call and Cathela is ready to meet her blood sucker !

Alec not only shows Cathela the night of her life, exploding and mind blowing orgasms, she is intrigued by him. Her blood is calling him and she can’t deny the attraction they both feel.

Will her little fling end up a One Night Stand or will Dracula fulfill more than just her ultimate fantasy?


Dracula's Kiss is a short, but sexy read, filled with nortiness, nibbling, hot sex and blood sucking. At only 34 pages long, I’m sure you will read this at the speed of light.

Paranormal, vampire romance, erotic moments a Scottish hotty and a gothic babe hot to trot is everything you will find in this story, its fast paced, alluring * * the cover is certainly hot ** and teases any fantasy you may just have in meeting Your perfect Vampire. Joanne knows how to tantalize... n tease.... characters I’m sure that you will enjoy, a quickie storyline that will keep you intrigued... and smokin moments where you heart is a pumpin......

If you’re after a quickie in the middle of the night, something fast, norty but hot, then Dracula's Kiss is for you!

I gave this read 4 1/2  Vampire Kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pimpin' Reads said...

Great review .... Love

Pimpin' Reads said...

Great review .... Love

JoAnne Kenrick said...

omg you've done it again,'ve brought me to tears. I love how your enjoyment of the books you read shows through in the words you write...and make up! hehe Sexfully it! Thanks for reading and reviewing Dracula's Kiss, and so fast! You are all kinds of awesome and I'm pleased as punch that you enjoyed the experience so much xxx

Pimpin' Reads said...

Great review .... Love