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Book Tour for Betrayed .... and review

  • Pub. Date: July 2011
  • Publisher: Firetrail Publishing
  • Format: Paperback
  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • ISBN-13: 9780983429739
  • ISBN: 0983429731

Betrayed Book Two The Guardian Legacy ..

Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian – demon hunter and the wielder of Nephilims’s most powerful weapon. Everyone fears her. !! She has power everyone wants and powes she never knew she possessed, she is the elite of the guardians.

Trouble looms amongst the guardians, someone has betrayed Lil and they need to find out whom. Bran is pulling away from Lil, her best friend is treating her like a freak, and her Demon father has a medium amongst her friends to watch her. Lil is feeling overwhelmed and she discovers powers she never new she possessed and needs to find out who betrayed her and why? She finds out a secret that everyone kept from her, and is not impressed !!! Life is not at all what it seems and can secrets alone tear Bran, the guardians and Lil apart?

Bran and Lil’s love is challenged, we see a different side of Lil and Bran in book 2 and Lil’s demon father’s presence is more evident in this book. Does he have ulterior motives for contacting Lil? Will he destroy the ones she loves?

Lil trains in between classes with the guardians and her teacher to enhance her new found powers and learn to use what she has been gifted with, this will help her be the warrior she is destined to be. She just needs to focus !

Anguish, lies, and betrayal are present.... Will Lil and Bran’s love be able to cope with the challenges and the secret that may well tear them apart or bring them closer ?

My Thoughts .......

Betrayed is jam packed with action, romance, suspense, secrets and heart ache. We are certainly in our paranormal element in this story, fast paced and an epic novel I’m sure will only rise in book 3.

We are taken on a roller coaster ride in Betrayed, mixed emotions, and at every page turn ,something new develops. You turn one corner to discover a curve ball in the next. Ednah had certainly piqued the readers interest in book 2, creating that paranormal element in this book by introducing new characters that I’m sure will rattle your chains. I was intrigued from page one, and found myself at times, with a goofy smile whilst I read, humor was enlightening at times, and if possible some characters even sexier> ** wink **

Sykes geesh ! I enjoy his childish teasing ways with Lil, his persistence is defiantly worth bottling, his grins I can see ** chuckles ** and he certainly doesn’t mind giving Bran a run for his money.

The guardians stay true and loyal to each other no matter what curve ball is thrown their way; I found them very admirable and constant throughout the story - this I enjoyed. No matter what their differences may have been when one of them needed each other they were there.

Remy is still the head honcho if you may call him that, the responsible one, who is honest and very reliable. I enjoy all the boys characters and I am sure you will find Bran to be quiet moody at times in this book ,at times wanting to kick his arse, but once you have read into the book, you will understand his motives. The girls are still feisty and kick arse, but once again their loyalty shines through.

New characters are introduced that I’m sure you will enjoy, men in black *dark but deviously sexy* and also someone who loves to challenge Kim and to boot has her own attitude. This is quiet funny at times. I think that you will find the characters have grown, especially Lil - even the Reaper I’m sure you will have yourself slightly wandering what it is you like about him, I know I did.

Ednah certainly brings out the emotions whilst reading, I found myself giggling, goofy grin in awe, and even my eyes where fluttering at times. I enjoy a story that can bring out the emotions – even if it is to kick the characters moody arses .. lol.. I even found myself wanting to snuggle on the lounge and share meatballs with the hotty J and woof down pastries with the other sexy guardian - which ones you will have to see.

Overall a memorable second installment of The Guardian Legacy series. A plot you will find has your attention piqued throughout, a fluent flowing dialogue , chapters that go with the flow, a storyline that will keep you engrossed and an ending that will leave you craving more. Characters that you will grow to love and hate and also characters that will have you very curious even if they are from the dark side... ** wink wink **... Actions scenes are well described, full on and sucker punch time is on !! A read filled with all the goodies one would want - full of substance of the good kind !!

Maybe I’ll enhance my PSI powers and use my powers of Mind Control and read Ednahs thoughts to find out what’s next. She has left me in sheer bewilderment, by leaving teasers now that just makes me way to curious lol.

Eagerly await book 3 … The Hunt !!!

 Paperback available at Barnes N Noble

Instead of heading toward the entrance, Bran stopped. “I’m taking you home so I can search for Remy and the others.”

Scowling, I faced him. I hated when he used that arrogant tone, like he knew what was better for me than I did. “Why?”

He pointed back at the alley. “Remember that? Demons are after you, Lil. I had no idea how badly until tonight. Soon, Valafar won’t have Dante on the sidelines watching over you. He’ll send him to come for you, and there’s no way I’m letting that happen.”

“You? But you saw what I can do. What we can do together. I’m stronger and keep getting better at controlling my powers every day. The demons don’t know that. Even Valafar’s people don’t. That’s why they keep acting like I’m helpless, like I’m someone who needs to be protected all the time. I don’t expect that from you, too,” I griped in an uneven tone, so annoyed I could zap him. He needed to stop treating me like a helpless person.

He took a deep breath and winced. “Forgive me for seeing you as the girl I love first and the Chosen One second.”

He didn’t fight fair. When he winced again, I reached for his arm. “You’re hurt.”

“I’m fine.”

“The dagger is healing me, Bran. Maybe if we blended our energies, just this once, we can share its healing power.”

He took a step away from me and shook his head. “No. We can’t.”

I blinked, throat thickening at the rejection. “Why can’t we link or blend our energies. What’s going on?”

He just forked his fingers though his hair and grimaced. “I can’t make you understand.”

“Try me,” I retorted.

“Not now, Lil.”

I took a deep breath, anger churning inside of me. Why couldn’t he tell me what was going on? Blending energies was the purest form of connection, especially for him and me because our energies matched. It was more intimate than kissing or anything we’d ever done. I clamped down on the anger and the pain.

“You know what, Bran? Fine. Keep your stupid secrets.”

“Thank you,” he answered flippantly.


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