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Shadowshifter - Melissa D Ellis Book Review

Today I have Shadowshifter by Melissa D Ellis - a story I throughly enjoyed and will certainly be spreading the love over !!! An intriguing story - Not your average Little Red Riding Hood story, but even better !! here is the cover, and blurb and my loooooooooooooong review !! I just had to tell you all how much I enjoyed it and why ! At first Initially I was worried, the book is over 560 pages long, but believe me it will have you hooked from page one right till the very end !! Wow  - such a great twist with turns at every page and corner !! A story I can guarantee will be not at what you expected ** waggles eyebrows ** ;)


Unpredictable, sexy, intense, and terrifying! With symbolic parallels to the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, "SHADOWSHIFTER" gives us a whole new, modern-day Little Red to embrace... And her story is more complicated and horrifying than what the Brothers Grimm could have ever imagined! With an uncontrollable temper and a flair for the dramatics, sixteen-year-old, Julie Taylor, has landed herself in summer school after a very public and humiliating outburst. In class, she meets her striking but mysterious next door neighbor, Broderick Cooper and despite her determination to distance herself from him, she can't deny the tenacious draw she feels toward him. More and more, their paths continue to cross until they become completely entwined with one another. But as Julie swiftly becomes consumed with Broderick's love and supernatural gift, an unprecedented evil punches its way into their quiet little town bringing Hell on Earth. One close brush with danger and a terrifying chain of events begin to unfold that will forever change Julie's life as it opens her eyes to a sinister world that walks within her own... evil incarnate and legendary as fairy tales.


Sixteen your old Julie Taylor has had her fair share of unlucky in love, landing herself in Summer school after an outburst on stage leads her to meet the Mysterious boy who has lived next door for the past two years. Broderick Cooper is popular, sexy, and striking, causing Julie to steer clear of his friendly advances and conversations, she is determined to keep her distance, but she can’t deny the alluring pull she feels towards him. Their paths continue to meet, until it becomes impossible for Julie to no longer deny her feelings.

Julie becomes consumed with Broderick and his love, his special unique ability and the love he shows her whilst evil lurks in the shadows. Julie unbeknown.

 The little town that was once quiet and peaceful has now brought evil – bringing with it dark and the mysterious – hell in a different light.

Julie finds herself banging down deaths door, fighting not only for her life but her love. Shadowshifter gives a whole new meaning to the modern day fairytale, both horrifying and a story you will find Unpredictable, sexy, intense...terrifying! "

Julie is not only brought into the world of the supernatural with her new found boyfriend, but into a dark, evil and deadly world she could never have ever imagined.

Waiting in the shadows – not only love but evil dwells.

My thoughts !!!!


Where do I start!!! I loved it !!! ** inserts wolf howl here **

Melissa D Ellis has woven a remarkable story filled with suspense, love, danger, murder, mystery and certainly mayhem. Shadowshifter is definably like no other supernatural read, a paranormal that will have you running round the house, knife in hand, double checking your locks to make sure all is safe.  At 560 pages long, one may expect a lag, but let me inform you Shadowshifter, will keep your interest piqued from start to finish and have you gasping in dismay at the turn of events -  about after page 400....... the plot thickens !! havoic and mayhem start !!

Be warned !! Be terrified – very terrified!! lol..

I wasn’t sure I could read on, I was literally shit scared, my heart was frantic and I found myself sniffling. Lucky for me my hubby was asleep whilst I took several breathes, sniffed and ventured on. When you have read it, this part will make sense ..

 It was intense and I was scared for the character. Melissa defined the emotions that well in certain parts; it was like I was in the book – the story. I think it’s why I felt so terrified! Yes I’m an emotional reader I get very involved in the read, and due to Melissa’s in-depth descriptions this made the read even more heartwarming and friggin scary !!!

  I continued on, wanting to know where it was headed, gob smacked at the twists and turns, in the story, and unbelievably entranced friskily reading a record reading pace till the very end.

** Good advice - don’t read, at 1am in the morning. I lied in bed thinking of this story an hr past reading it, totally dumbfounded at the UNPREDITABLE climax, new revelations and also amazed at how Melissa wove all this into 560 pages and kept my interest piqued till no end.

Julie was a damaged- torn character, burnt badly by an Ex-boyfriend, no self confidence, and little self preservation. She found herself, thin, unattractive and just wanted to fit in with the in crowd. I’m sure at one stage in our lives we can relate to this.
Her Ex boyfriend made her feel like she was in = the in crowd, till his humiliations sent Julie into herself not trusting the opposite sex, or at least  the good looking ones  and believing they were all deceitful. ** Of course this could be realistic in life ** Scars on the inside, learning to trust, that not every person can be judged by their status- aka popularity. I found after what  Julie had been through it made her a tougher person, I found she grew and accepted who she was, and was determined to fight for the love she believed in and fight to survive. With death knocking at her door – it was fight – die fighting or give in to the evil. Her faith was remarkable at the worst of times, not giving in, her character was strong.

 Julie was hot headed, sarcastic, caring, and funny and had her faults but this gave her all the qualities that made her, who she was.  

Brody was what every girl wanted - smart, hot, one of a kind, he was not afraid to be who he was, like whom he chose, and didn’t bother to be someone he was not, just to be in the in crowd. His love for Julie was heartwarming * romantic * swoon!!  ** Throb throb **

 I so loved the affection – both verbally and physically with these pair. It was not necessarily sex related, yet lustful, and romantic in a different light. I did honestly wait in sheer anticipation but understood Julie hesitation for it to be the right time and place to. Brody showed his gentleman side on more than one occasion and overall I felt the connection between the characters. An understanding and connection one could only want to ever find in their lifetime.  It sent my heart a flutter He was to my **Hero **... I loved the way he constantly saved her one way or another!!!

 Brody had a secret he could not share, a secret he found to bad to part with - this tearing apart a love they both knew they wanted but Brody couldn’t get past this to be with his one true love. As you read you will follow along with the ups and downs of Brody and Julies relationship. Not completely understanding whats happening but rest assured it all comes out of the wood works !! ** so to speak lol **

The climax will have you gasping, I was shocked, sniffling and I thought I was not going to be able to finish it, I found myself anxious and very aware of what the outcome could be. Melissa wove the emotions poetically throughout but I found the climax, the most intense. I just can’t explain it! ** I was shit scared – Terrified and every thought crossed my mind.

Melissa definitely defined this part in her book as the page turner, the be all!! My pages were wafting with steam, I was on full throttle ahead, and even in my sleep deprived state was unable to put this down.

Melissa’s descriptions where well detailed, her emotions well portrayed, if this was a sandwich I’d say you got a burger with the lot. Filled with all the goodies for a fantastic paranormal read, elements of surprise, and to top it off icing on the cake for an ending!  Sweet !

All secondary characters all unique and defiantly added humor, spice and action and even mystery to the storyline. As the story flows the characters grow with it . Dialogue was crisp and sharp, all chapters running smoothly from one to the next and added bits of suspense and romance that was even out nicely throughout the read.

 Great cast of characters!!! I’m sure you will enjoy and even giggle with.

 The baddies will have you cringing and terrified!! Melissa portrayed all her characters with depth and character and defined them well. Even the evil ones!!

A unique and terrifying tale, Red Riding hood in a different light, the evil in the woods you could never have  imagined and an UNPREDICTALBE ENDING by any means. Melissa Ellis has woven a tale that will give you second thoughts into Grimm’s Fairytale, yes more complicated – more horrifying with twists  but defiantly more depth into love between the characters. A tale I’m sure you will enjoy. 

I eagerly wait in anticipation for book 2 in the series!! Mind you saying that Melissa left Shadowshifter with an ending I’m sure the reader will be smiling at, but also inquisitive as to what will happen in the next book! I know Im curious about a certain male singer – and how Brody and Julie will handle the situation that has arisen.
A must read !!!
I rated this 5 !!

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MelDEllis said...

I cannot thank you enough for giving my book a read... and then ENJOYING it! This was my first attempt ever at writing (aside from writing music) and I never knew how much passion would be involved with it. It became my "baby".

I love horror and I secretly enjoy romance (though I would never openly admit - aside from here on your blog, haha!). See where Julie gets it? Julie is largely based on me - and I see myself for who I am. I can be selfish, frightened, brave, catty, loving, insecure, and bold. I'm real. My goal was to make Julie as real as possible too, so that other girls who are either some or ALL of these qualities would relate to her easily. To see her character flaws, what you are really seeing is her imperfection. She's human.
Brody's a completely different story. He's based on all the perfections and likable imperfections of boyfriends and lovers past. Loosely, his roots lie with my first love/boyfriend from junior high and a bit of high school. He lived down the road. And yes, we were always sneaking out of our houses to be together!

Many have drawn parallels of similarities with ShadowShifter & Twilight. And I admit, it SEEMS close right now - but I assure you, it's much different now that we have only scratched the surface with the first book.
I am currently working diligently on book number #2, that will be titled "Lycanthrope". This is NOT at all like Twilight from this point on.
I love the adrenaline rush of being scared and my books (yes, there will be at least four altogether - and possibly a fifth in this series) will hopefully provide that excitement.
I was able to write ShadowShifter at night. This one? Not so much. It makes me too nervous and I spend most of my time looking over my shoulder or out the windows of my home.

ShadowShifter will be made available again for purchase in late winter of 2012. I promise to shoot you a message when time comes closer - and if you would, please promote it (or just give it a slight mention) again. I would even be willing to give swag and MAYBE another book for a giveaway on your blog to celebrate the even of its RE-release.

And yes, we can work out a deal for you to review Lycanthrope when it's ready. :)

Thanks again, Katrina! Love your review! I've even added it's link to my website and blog.
If there is anything I can do, let me know!

~ Melissa D. Ellis

“Salvation is in the shadows. But be wary of the darkest ones.”