Monday, July 25, 2011

Dancing with His Heart by Katherine Warwick

Thanks to Mindy over at Forbidden Reviews. for letting me join Katherines book Tour for Dancing with his Heart. It was a very hearfelt  book filled with lots of goodies.

This year I've ventured out and read all types of Genres !!!  I was lucky enough to have read Dancing with His Heart and I loved it !!!! Katherine has entwined, ballroom dancing, love and a little girl with autism into this read and I must say I enjoyed all aspects !! Here is the cover and blurb and my review and thoughts ...

Dancing With His Heart
Author: Katherine Warwick
Publish Date: 1st edition 2006
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing

Playboy and philanthropist, Alex offers first class sponsorship to Lauren and her dance partner. Given their tumultous past, Lauren is suspicious. Without resources, the single mother of a handicapped child is forced to take Alex's offer. His plan is to prove that he's changed, and win her heart. But trust is not easily won even with the sizzling sparks the two of them ignite on and off the dance floor, and they both face more trouble when a dark figure from their past shows up with devious intentions for them both.

My Review ;)

Playboy and Philanthropist Alex, offers  Lauren and her partner sponsorship for their  ball room dancing. An offer of a life time - To be trained by the best instructor, dressed in divine sparkly attire, and to be financially stable in life.

 Sigh... I so enjoy a romantic read, this story was filled with heartache, heartfelt moments and moments where you had to wipe that lonely tear from falling. Moments where you sighed, giggled and also wandered. Why?  An enjoyable read, from beginning to end, I just couldn’t put it down.
 It dealt with the life of a single mother dealing with her loss in life, and the heartache of bringing a child into the world alone with autism.

 Life wasn’t meant to be easy for anyone, but Lauren often wondered why she was dealt this card - Her daily dealings with life, her daughter and her passion. Somehow no matter what, she dealt with it all, and moved on with life, to love and enjoy her precious daughter in which the way god gave her and also find time to enjoy her passion in life - to dance.

 I liked the way Katherine wove details about Autism into this read, giving the insight to just a little of the out comings of dealing with a child with a disability. But also entwining that there can be happiness as well as moments where you wander and ponder. I also enjoyed the information into the side of ballroom dancing, this I found different I as I have never danced, but she made it sounds magical and romantic. Makes me want to start up, just for the sheer romance of it all.

The plot was fluent and straight forward, weaving Laurens love for dance, her love for her daughter and a passion that she wasn’t so willing to succumb to.
The main characters meshed well, their love was sizzling and hot, I could almost see steam coming off Alex at certain times, his lust, and love for Lauren was that pronounced. As Always  He was a gentleman, right till the end, showing her he could love her and Bekah  and all that came with. He was  willing to wait just to be with her and show her how much he loved her. ** Who said that chivalry is dead ** ??

Lauren a caring and loving character, found it hard to let Alex in, mistrust due to past dealings, in time she realized he had her best interest at heart. The love was sensual, warming and made you feel all gooey inside.. The descriptions were intoxicating - the scents and emotions well portrayed. Overall, a wonderful read, filled with dance, love and family and possibilities for a happy future no matter the outcome you were dealt with.

Dialogue and plot were well outlined and full of all the goodies one could love in a romance. Characters true to life and a fluent and well paced read ,  never a dull moment. Beautifully woven to drag the reader into the book and showing us emotion and depth like poetry. Katherine always has that way with her books, you get engrossed in the read, you feel like honey to  bee.

I have enjoyed all of Katherines  books and she never dissapoints, her passion to write is shown in her work and from my personal point of view I enjoy every word she puts on paper.

  Dancing with His Heart E book can be brought at Amazon link her > Dancing With His Heart

Contest :

Today I have to give away  a Paperback copy of Katherines Book ** Dancing with his Heart ** Thanks to Kath for her donation.

Must be a follow of my blog and answer my question .. Do you love to Dance and if so why, and what type of dance do you enjoy ?

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lindsey hutchison said...

lovely review sweets. you certainly made me want to check it out. i havent heard of this book yet either.

To your question i have always been passionate bout dancing. as far as i can remember i was always watching dance and trying to memorize the moves and make them my own. i still dance in my room at night. it is another outlet for me like reading is.


Sassy said...

Great review hun. Haven't read this book yet.

I've always loved to dance ever since I can remember, I used to drag my young borther and sister around the lounge room. I just love ballroom dancing, if you've seen the passion that goes with those dances you'll understand why. I still to this day drag now my kiddies around the lounge room LOL.

Thanks for this giveaway. :D

jowanna said...

I do enjoy dancing. Watching Justin Timberlake or Usher is probably my fav. I suppose you would call that pop.

rhonda said...

Great review! I can`t really dance but I wish I could because I love a good song. I love doing the Cupid Shuffle lol.

Marie said...

I love to dance. I WISH I could ballroom dance, that's how my parents met many moons ago. Both of my younger sisters took dance classes but I was too uncoordinated to be allowed in the dance class for anything more than to watch.

Mikila Marshall said...

Great review. It sounds awesome. I'm already a big fan of Jennifer Laurens =)
I love dancing. Anything with a beat and shakes off the calories ;) I sometimes make up my own when I'm alone too LOL =P
Thanks for the chance to enter =)
Good luck everyone =)

Kristina's Books & More said...

Great review! Love Jenn! :)

I've danced since I was three. I've done it all. Ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, pom, kick, ballroom, hip-hop. I was on the dance team in high school and have taken classes in college. I love it.

alice priday said...

what a great review. i want to read this book now cus of it :)

i do love to dance, and any type. as long as there is music going i will move to it(or attempt to move lol)

im a follower alice priday

JessS said...

I sometimes love to dance, and I've always liked tap, though I really want to try something like salsa or ballroom. Thanks!