Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Kiss by Elaina Lee

Needing something short n sweet, and a romantic read I saw this book posted over at one of My favourite authors sites so I decided to delve in and buy it and read it !! Well I must say for all those after a short romance filled with heat and passion !! and a great storyline to boot should read this one.. I love the cover  and whats inside doesnt dissapoint.. Here my thoughts ...

First Kiss by Elaina Lee

Michelle Seabourne works as an Audio Engineer for her current music label company and has been assigned Alexander Trent a famous musician to mix his music. Michelle and Alexander have a past, fifteen years prior Michelle remembers the heated First Kiss in the closest. A kiss she never ever forgot and a kiss that lingered in her memories all these years. Luckily for Michelle, Alexander doesn’t know who she is, her school crush will remain a secret. For now!

Alexander’s sapphire blue eyes, six foot two frame, handsome and good looking features now taunt her thoughts on a daily basis, the New Year’s kiss leads to a one night stand. A night filled with passion, love and lust that neither of them has ever experienced before. Alex puts the wall up around his heart, to guard against everyone and leaves Michelle in bewilderment as to why she ever thought there may have been a future with someone like him - As she considers herself not worthy enough. Alex alone proves her theory, leaving her a gift box, as a thank you and farewell for the night they spent together. Feeling hurt and Shocked Michelle decides to ditch Alex and show him a thing or two and moves to another contract. She definitely has spunk!!

Alex can’t help but think that he and Michelle have met before, but she has assured him they have not, she doesn’t think he would remember her anyway. However he is still unconvinced - Something about her reminds him of the past. Alex does not believe in complications his life is to busy, and full, he guards himself against all love and happiness to fulfill the dream he thought he wanted. Alone and without love he decides he has missed out on too much in life, he wants more than money and fame can buy him – he wants a real and a normal life, his First kiss to be his last kiss - but will it cost him his First Kiss and love?

First Kiss is a romantic, tantalizing, and passion filled story, entangled with romance that will not on give you butterflies within, but will have the pages heat up from the electricy flowing between the characters. The hot love will singe your eyelashes, and smexy scorchin love scenes that make your eyes twinkle and flip frantically through the pages. * Im a romantic at heart, I love a good love story, filled with heat and passion.

It had a predicable ending, happily ever after, but hey I’m not disappointed, all the events that take place before, will still have you piqued from page one till the very end.

Michelle and Alexandra have a smoking – hot lustful connection, more than just hot sex, and affection they both share equally, but desires that run wild when they are together. An attraction evident on all levels, physically and emotionally. What can I say!!! Likeable characters and more than just sex, romance but also a great plot.

Alexandra was a conflicted man, having had fame since an early age of 19, he has experienced all that most would wish for, but rich and famous is not all is cracked up to be. He feels he has missed out on all the stuff normal people do. Alex was an assertive character, slightly withdrawn with his life, but set on leading the life he most desires, a life where he is not loved for his money and fame but for himself. Elaina gave us one hotty here, lusty and sexy, and well great all departments. ** Lusty wink ** lol. I love a man who takes charge !!!

Michelle has a lot of insecurities, many of her own. Not thinking that she is memorable enough for anyone to want. She is a strong willed character with spunk, and strong enough to struggle through her career to be the best woman she can in a males society. She is a woman who knows what she wants...

First kiss at only 115 pages, is an intriguing read, that will have you not only captivated from page one, but swept along with the love story, which is fluently paced - each chapter flowing smoothly from one to the next . A story I recommended to all, short but sweet and defiantly a treat!!!

One of my favorites **gently he touched his mouth to her, kissing her slowly and easy. ** I was your first kiss Michelle and I want to be your last **

** sags in chair and sighs ** how romantic !!!!!

Sigh – It all about the first kiss!! Whether it is ravenous, passionate,or pleasurable but sometimes always memorable....



Sarah Ballance said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. Elaina will be thrilled! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Your enthusiasm is beyond contagious! ;c)

Elaina Lee said...

Yay, my first review! I am more than thrilled, I am estatic! Thank you, Miss Kat!!! Can I post this as a link on my site with a snippet?

Katrina W said...

You can post anywhere you like lovley !! Yes !! I love to read Sarah !! Its rather contagious !!!

Maria said...
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Maria said...

I absolutely love this cover. Its one that I feel like i could stare at forever. lol I can't wait to read this book.