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Spartan Heart Part 2 by Kristine Cheney. ** Book Review **

Well I must say After reading Part 1 of Spartans Heart I eagerly awaited part 2 and this week it was released. I must say I really enjoyed book one review is lower in my posts, but part two was definetly a sizzler !! hot and filled with lots of goodies to keep you on the edge of your seat !!! So here's the hot cover for **Spartan Heart Part 2 ** then my book review, my thoughts on why I enjoyed it !!!

My Review :

Part one had us left us anxioulsy waiting to know as to whom the rogue was, that showed up at the end of Part One to take Evangeline right or wrong. Did he mean her harm ? Was this the end ?

 Once again Demona has been meddling and causing chaos.  Lucky for Angeline she is strong willed and this stranger is able to read her mind and put two and two together. Realizing he has been set up he is determined to seek his revenge and for forgiveness.

 Dorien finds out the truth as to Evangeline’s pregnancy, and old friendships are re kindled.

 Part two  takes us back to the land of the Spartans, Evangeline, Tommy, Philip and Dorien have decided to go back to where Dorien was found, and search for  his warrior Spartan companions. Here , mysteries are uncovered, kiss of life is revisited, there is mayhem, and danger, and even a little lovin thrown in. 

 A menace * Phebus* - Demona's  minion is beside himself,  taking circumstances in his own hands. He is cruel, unkind and on a mission to destroy all in his way.   Evangeline being is target in goal !

 Not only do they all fight for their existence but Evangeline fights for what she believes in. Here in Sicily Evangeline discovers the true meaning to her happily ever after.

With all her new family always close by - I’m sure that life will never be dull or lacking in love.
Life is never what it seems......

 Demona continues on with her bitchy - sour antics, woman scorned if you may call her - but in time her visions arent what they are cracked up to be, life for her is a completely new ball game. They say pay back is a bitch and Im sure she will get her just rewards in time ..

 With family and friends close by Evangeline and Dorien  goe through heartache, tears, and happiness. Dorien and Evans  love is challenged and pushed to boundaries, and in the end will good win over evil? Or will it tear their happily ever after away ?

Oh my - As much as I enjoyed part one, Part two is a pearler.  When I say that, Kristine  has hit the jackpot for all things that sparkle. This story certainly left my eyes twinkling and mind whirling.  I was drawn into this modern world filled with Dorien and his old ways.  The words, the expressions, made me giggle, - Dorien is still back in his old years, in the way that he speaks - ** with child ** babes .. I enjoyed his words and mannerisms , ** Sparta Style ** 

 His love is still has strong as a swift current, smoothly running and never ceasing flow. Full on and in fluent motion.  A love like that, you would only want to last a life time, or for immortality. His loyalty is admiring, his love, unfathomable, and his word infallible. A true Spartan King ..

Evan is still strong willed, more persistent if that is possible, and still  totally in love with Dorien, in this story  her will is challenged, and her love for her babies is like any mother -  She will do what it takes to save them from harms way.  She is kick arse if you may call it, determined and even when she is  down on her knees deep in mud, she is still willing to do all that it takes to save and live for the one she loves. A true warrior in her own ways and world.

Evan and Doriens love is still sizzling ,sensual,  magnetic, and filled with devotion, this alone makes you think what it would be like to have a  love like this.. I know its only a book !! But hey,, it works for me and I love the lovey dovey stuff.  The emotions once again are expressive, fluent and magical. Whilst reading you can feel Kristine 's passion for her work, - the story - it reflects in her writing.   She pours her heart into it, this reflects upon all the emotions present.   Poetry in motion once again -  characters  feelings well portrayed, and  emotions that pull at your heart strings. When a book can bring out all kinds of emotions, you know it has been a good read.
The dialogue jam packed with all the goodies needed for a great story, plot fluent and steadily paced, chapters all flowing from one to the next. Until of course you reach those critical moments where you frantically read just to find out what’s happening.. This alone was an adrenaline rush !!!  SIGH !!

 Part two was filled with so much suspense I thought I was going to sponstanusly combust in the end.. NOT PREDICTABLE and this was kind of scary !! Because we all want we want when we are reading right ?? and when turns of events dont go the way we want ... well,, you know the story.. 

 We all envisage while we read,, but I found I  read, gasped, read - sighed… smiled and thought ahhhh...  Once you have read it you will understand.

I throughly enjoyed this world that Kristine Has created, it will take you back in time but also keep you within our modern world. An adventure Im sure that you will enjoy.

All secondary characters, blended in well with the storyline, new characters introduced. I really enjoyed these refreshing new characters,  their loyalty and mannerisms enjoyable and once again  sexy spartans !! The humour was enlightening between the characters, and  the mind reading amusing.  We need a little hotness in our reads !!!! ** swoon **

I look forward to more in the following series. This alone leaves a lot of room for character building and storyline for the next book in the series.. Keep in mind that this is part 2,, so Part 1 and Part 2 is one book ;)  just split in half ... to tease us  :O)

Overall it was fantastic !!!!

 Spartan Hearts for this read !!

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Where you can find links to purchase Spartan Heart part one and two !! But you must read part one first !!!


Spartan Heart Paranormal Romance Saga said...

Katrina, what can I say? I'm speechless. Reading your review, I must admit there are tears in my eyes. Perhaps I am in a dream, begging for someone to pinch me? I am amazed to hear such wonderful, heartfelt, and beautiful things about my writing.

Thank you, Kat, for taking the time to read Spartan Heart, Part I, and Part II. Your words are cherished and priceless. I am grateful to call you friend. Thank you for your breathtaking review.


Kristine Cheney
Spartan Heart, Part I&II

Kim Bowman Author said...

You go girl!! Awesome review! This is on my list.