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Dancing with His Heart By Katherine Warwick,

This year I've ventured out and read all types of Genres !!! This week I was lucky enough to have read Dancing with His Heart and I loved it !!!! Katherine has entwined, ballroom dancing, love and a little girl with autism into this read and I must say I enjoyed all aspects !! Here is the cover and blurb and my review and thoughts ...

Playboy and philanthropist, Alex offers first class sponsorship to Lauren and her dance partner. Given their tumultous past, Lauren is suspicious. Without resources, the single mother of a handicapped child is forced to take Alex's offer. His plan is to prove that he's changed, and win her heart. But trust is not easily won even with the sizzling sparks the two of them ignite on and off the dance floor, and they both face more trouble when a dark figure from their past shows up with devious intentions for them both.

My Review ;)

Playboy and Philanthropist Alex, offers  Lauren and her partner sponsorship for their  ball room dancing. An offer of a life time - To be trained by the best instructor, dressed in divine sparkly attire, and to be financially stable in life.

Lauren being a single mum to a child with autism, she  finds this a dream come true, to be able to give her child a better start in life, coaching and learning that she needs to develop herself. She hesitantly accepts.  Lauren is hesitant given Alex and her tumultuous past, therefore  Lauren is cautious and suspicious of his ulterior motives.

 Wanting the best for her daughter in life Lauren accepts his offer and seals the sponsorship.
In time Alex and Lauren can’t deny the electricity and attraction between each other, but Alex must show Lauren that he has changed in order to win her heart and her love. Even if he has to sweep her off her feet...

The past has come back to Taunt them both; with devious intentions that causes dramas between them both.

My thoughts ;0

Sigh... I so enjoy a romantic read, this story was filled with heartache, heartfelt moments and moments where you had to wipe that lonely tear from falling. Moments where you sighed, giggled and also wandered. Why?  An enjoyable read, from beginning to end, I just couldn’t put it down.
 It dealt with the life of a single mother dealing with her loss in life, and the heartache of bringing a child into the world alone with autism.

 Life wasn’t meant to be easy for anyone, but Lauren often wondered why she was dealt this card - Her daily dealings with life, her daughter and her passion. Somehow no matter what, she dealt with it all, and moved on with life, to love and enjoy her precious daughter in which the way god gave her and also find time to enjoy her passion in life - to dance.

 I liked the way Katherine wove details about Autism into this read, giving the insight to just a little of the out comings of dealing with a child with a disability. But also entwining that there can be happiness as well as moments where you wander and ponder. I also enjoyed the information into the side of ballroom dancing, this I found different I as I have never danced, but she made it sounds magical and romantic. Makes me want to start up, just for the sheer romance of it all.

The plot was fluent and straight forward, weaving Laurens love for dance, her love for her daughter and a passion that she wasn’t so willing to succumb to.
The main characters meshed well, their love was sizzling and hot, I could almost see steam coming off Alex at certain times, his lust, and love for Lauren was that pronounced. As Always  He was a gentleman, right till the end, showing her he could love her and Bekah  and all that came with. He was  willing to wait just to be with her and show her how much he loved her. ** Who said that chivalry is dead ** ??
Lauren a caring and loving character, found it hard to let Alex in, mistrust due to past dealings, in time she realized he had her best interest at heart. The love was sensual, warming and made you feel all gooey inside.. The descriptions were intoxicating - the scents and emotions well portrayed. Overall, a wonderful read, filled with dance, love and family and possibilities for a happy future no matter the outcome you were dealt with.

Dialogue and plot were well outlined and full of all the goodies  and fluent,  never a dull moment, Katherine always has that way with her books, you get engrossed in the read, you feel like a magnet drawn to steel.

I have enjoyed all of Katherines  books and she never dissapoints, her passion to write is shown in her work and from my personal point of view I enjoy every word she puts on paper. 

Dancing with His heart can be brought at amazon.

The cover is different over at Amazon I love this one toooo, and if you check out all the review 14 (( 5 star reviews ))


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