Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review of Stolen Promises by Stacey Kennedy

I brought Stacey's new book on release day and devoured it the same day.. I must say I was impressed.. ;) a different kind of love story, and human falls in love with a ghost,, but their is more to the story. ....

Ok the cover is cute !! But dont be detered buy it !Im not saying that in a bad way !!! I am a bad one for cover love !!! This one I thought hmmm -  but after devouring it in one sitting I was not dissapointed !! ! I  read the blurb and thought this sounds great !! So I lashed out and brought it and it was fantastic !!!.** I know never judge a book by its cover ** !!! Honestly it caught my eye ;) and never imagined the story to be what it was ! !wow  ***********************************************************************
Stolen dreams is about a girl named Tess Jennings whom  in a fatal car crash, almost died - her life was spared to be awakened with  a gift – a gift to some but not to Tess. Tess has a very placid life, no animals, a job that pays well, and that she doesn’t mind, a best friend she adores and a pretty quiet existence. However Tess is haunted by ghosts who need closure, and who want to be at peace.  For the rest of her life, she will be harassed by ghosts who need her. A gift she really doesn’t feel she is blessed with until she meet Kip McGowan.
 Tess comes across Kip McGowan at Starbucks, she proceeds to ignore him, he is very annoying and persistent, and he follows her to work, home and even a night out, in which Kip tries to seduce her with dirty talk.  Tess finds herself out of control and aroused   and very confused no man has ever made her feel so alive. But he is dead and he is a ghost- but a dam hot one at that!
Tess is confused, how can a ghost excite her so much. She continues to ignore him till she no longer can. Kip McGowan is a ghost-   a police officer killed in the line of duty. Murdered. He is after his killer – the same killer who also killed Hannah  Reid five   years prior. Kip was working on a cold case with his partner Zach and needs to get information to him and the only way he knows how is through Tess. He has information that may just catch their killer. On a whirlwind Tess finds herself working with the police force and Kips Partner Zach to hunt down a killer and find everything they can.  Feelings grow between Tess and Kip and they both know it should not be, in time Kip will have to leave, their love is doomed from the start... Or is it?  Tess questions herself and sanity should she be feeling this way towards a ghost and how will she survive without him when he is gone?
I must say this is the first book I have read of Stacey’s and I was mesmerized. The chemistry between Kip and Tess was smoking hot!!!  I found myself giggling at bits,  * blushing if you may * at Kips witty comments. He had me mesmerized with his tarty and suggestive comments.  Tess was in a turmoil of her own  not being able to control herself with such a spunk of a character- hot – taut and buffed !!! ** swoon * .. I enjoyed the seriousness in parts but also the parts in which the lightness of the story line was also brought about. I cackled to myself in one part they were out searching the then men where referring to certain parts of the anatomy, I could almost visualize Tess’s horror and humor all at once. Moments like these enlightened the dreary ones.   The character development was amazing all well described and blending in well together. The story line fluent, chapters all flowing smoothly into each other. Stolen Dreams a love story- thriller filled with mystery and intrigue that kept you on the edge of your seat, gasping for the next breath and other moments that scorched the hairs on your lashes. The sex scenes were sensual, romantic and tasteful and intriguing if you may call it... This will make more sense when you read the book... A story filled with all the goodies you need for a suspenseful thriller- a hot ghost full of wit, humor and love - compassion and his   discovery for a life he never knew he wanted.  An unappreciable read, right to the very end. I enjoyed Kips character and found myself to falling for his unselfish thoughts, his compassion for Hannah and is overall moment when he realized he was a ghost.  I found myself  sniffling towards the end, I didn’t want it to end, but when the end came , I was relieved to know there is more to come ..
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