Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review *Run to You * by Sarah Ballance

Well what a weekend I had ,, but I managed to squeeze in quick read, I read Sarah Ballance's book RUN TO YOU  in one sitting and I must say I loved it !! A fantastic  Erotic -  Romance- thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and briskly reading just to find out the good stuff. !!! .Please do pop on over to Sarah 's website to check out her other titles ** Down in Flames ** which I will place a review once I have read !!! A big thankyou to Sarah :) I won this from Coffee time Romance  and I must say it was wonderful to meet a new author !!!

Sarah's website :

Mattie James’s life is in turmoil, she has been engaged twice in two years, her life is constantly not so private, and her life strewn all over the tabloids and she just wants out. Being the senator’s daughter is not Mattie’s cup of tea, and not the life she wants to lead, expectations are made of her and all she wants is a normal life.

Hutch, Mattie’s best friend – ex lover decides to whisk her away to a beach front cottage in a small town, to forget about everything and escape the havic created after her bitter separation with now ex fiancĂ©.
However Hutch is hoping their friends with benefits system will step up to the next notch until Mattie meets Handsome Sherriff Wyatt Reed. She is intrigued by him and decides to be bold and take that next step, finding herself very forward she asks him out. After a turn of events takes place not one but two murders happen - in this small community, and she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and not feeling so safe anymore.

Hutch is Mattie’s Rock and she finds herself on most occasions leaning on him to get her through. Their friendship is solid and very heart warming, no matter what - Mattie knows that Hutch will always be there.

In a whirlwind of events, lies are told, betrayal is present, and the suspense is electrifying. A romantic thriller, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, unpredictable by any means. It kept me guessing the whole way through, when I thought I had worked it out more suspense and thrills were thrown in. The plot was fast paced, character development was great!! And the storyline smooth and fluent with no dead stops or dull moments.

I enjoyed the sensual romance between Wyatt and Mattie it was electrifying, magnetic,  romantic and....  luscious in certain scenes. The story line had the right amount of suspense and romance, both going hand in hand. I enjoyed all the characters, Mattie with her friendly attitude and caring towards her friends and also her get straight to the point attitude with Wyatt no beating around the bush, what Mattie wants she gets. Wyatt was at first taken aback by Mattie’s forwardness but also found it refreshing at it brought a side of him back he thought he had lost. She brought out that part of him, he had longed for.
Hutch I found cocky yet intriguing and I liked that he felt so much emotion for Mattie he wasn’t afraid to let her know how he felt. This quiet often backfired on him.

The storyline takes its turns of events, the ending I did not expect at all, I felt myself briskly reading through just to get to find out who was the villain behind these bloody murders and why.. It will mesmerize you, and you will be gobsmacked with the final ending !!! I know it surprised me!!!! This I loved -  the element of surprise is always unexpected and welcomed.
I Loved the way Sarah explained the surroundings I  invisaged it all, and could see every scene that played out. Very well described, giving an excellent visual whilst reading. I could even hear the sea as it whooshed .. I felt as though I was there at the time.
Overall this is the first book I have read of Sarah’s and I immensely enjoyed it... An erotic thriller- with that right amount of sensual romance and thrills to make it an incredible read.

I gave this 5 hot pokers !!!

Romance to dream of and suspense to keep you up at night ** I totally agree Sarah ** I loved this quote !!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review of Stolen Promises by Stacey Kennedy

I brought Stacey's new book on release day and devoured it the same day.. I must say I was impressed.. ;) a different kind of love story, and human falls in love with a ghost,, but their is more to the story. ....

Ok the cover is cute !! But dont be detered buy it !Im not saying that in a bad way !!! I am a bad one for cover love !!! This one I thought hmmm -  but after devouring it in one sitting I was not dissapointed !! ! I  read the blurb and thought this sounds great !! So I lashed out and brought it and it was fantastic !!!.** I know never judge a book by its cover ** !!! Honestly it caught my eye ;) and never imagined the story to be what it was ! !wow  ***********************************************************************
Stolen dreams is about a girl named Tess Jennings whom  in a fatal car crash, almost died - her life was spared to be awakened with  a gift – a gift to some but not to Tess. Tess has a very placid life, no animals, a job that pays well, and that she doesn’t mind, a best friend she adores and a pretty quiet existence. However Tess is haunted by ghosts who need closure, and who want to be at peace.  For the rest of her life, she will be harassed by ghosts who need her. A gift she really doesn’t feel she is blessed with until she meet Kip McGowan.
 Tess comes across Kip McGowan at Starbucks, she proceeds to ignore him, he is very annoying and persistent, and he follows her to work, home and even a night out, in which Kip tries to seduce her with dirty talk.  Tess finds herself out of control and aroused   and very confused no man has ever made her feel so alive. But he is dead and he is a ghost- but a dam hot one at that!
Tess is confused, how can a ghost excite her so much. She continues to ignore him till she no longer can. Kip McGowan is a ghost-   a police officer killed in the line of duty. Murdered. He is after his killer – the same killer who also killed Hannah  Reid five   years prior. Kip was working on a cold case with his partner Zach and needs to get information to him and the only way he knows how is through Tess. He has information that may just catch their killer. On a whirlwind Tess finds herself working with the police force and Kips Partner Zach to hunt down a killer and find everything they can.  Feelings grow between Tess and Kip and they both know it should not be, in time Kip will have to leave, their love is doomed from the start... Or is it?  Tess questions herself and sanity should she be feeling this way towards a ghost and how will she survive without him when he is gone?
I must say this is the first book I have read of Stacey’s and I was mesmerized. The chemistry between Kip and Tess was smoking hot!!!  I found myself giggling at bits,  * blushing if you may * at Kips witty comments. He had me mesmerized with his tarty and suggestive comments.  Tess was in a turmoil of her own  not being able to control herself with such a spunk of a character- hot – taut and buffed !!! ** swoon * .. I enjoyed the seriousness in parts but also the parts in which the lightness of the story line was also brought about. I cackled to myself in one part they were out searching the then men where referring to certain parts of the anatomy, I could almost visualize Tess’s horror and humor all at once. Moments like these enlightened the dreary ones.   The character development was amazing all well described and blending in well together. The story line fluent, chapters all flowing smoothly into each other. Stolen Dreams a love story- thriller filled with mystery and intrigue that kept you on the edge of your seat, gasping for the next breath and other moments that scorched the hairs on your lashes. The sex scenes were sensual, romantic and tasteful and intriguing if you may call it... This will make more sense when you read the book... A story filled with all the goodies you need for a suspenseful thriller- a hot ghost full of wit, humor and love - compassion and his   discovery for a life he never knew he wanted.  An unappreciable read, right to the very end. I enjoyed Kips character and found myself to falling for his unselfish thoughts, his compassion for Hannah and is overall moment when he realized he was a ghost.  I found myself  sniffling towards the end, I didn’t want it to end, but when the end came , I was relieved to know there is more to come ..
Stacey Kennedy on facebook  -

My Review for Laney *Brookhaven Vampires* by Joanne Sowles.

Well what a week I have had so many great books and a few reviews I have decided to post.. Please do keep in mind when reading my reviews that this is my opinion of why I enjoyed the book ;) I am not an author - writer just a avid book lover.. So this week for Review up first is Laney...

What would you give to be with the one you love?

Would you give it all, including your life?
In a small college town in Northern California, Laney Alexander leads a regular, uneventful life–that is, until the charming and alluring Oliver Knight enters her world. Who is this gorgeous and mysterious stranger? Or, rather, what is he?

As Laney’s sophomore year of college begins, so does an unbelievable adventure–including a love she didn’t know she longed for. She soon learns that Oliver is not ordinary, nor is the rest of his family, including a sister who openly hates her and a brother who will stop at nothing for revenge. As she fights for her life, and Oliver’s love, Laney discovers that the fictional world of vampires isn’t so fictional after all. Nobody is safe, especially Laney, Oliver’s most important priority, and he will stop at nothing to protect her. With her mortality at risk, and a commitment revealed that she, without a doubt, knows she wants, Laney’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn…

My Review :)  *****
Laney Alexandra lives a normal life, in a small cottage town; she lives with her best friend Kiera and has moved out of home away from her Aunts to live her own life. Her first day back at college - she meets Oliver Knight, dreamy, charming, mysterious and incredibly good looking and Laney finds herself mesmerized by him, - his good looks and green eyes draw her in.
Laney is in her sophomore year, and this is where her adventures begin. In time, her and Oliver spend time together and fall for each other. Oliver is witty, charming and makes Laney’s heart skip a beat, she is drawn into Oliver’s world. He is not who she thought he was …..
His sister - Goth princess doesn’t like her, his family has secrets she is not so sure about, and his family all seem to be different. Oliver’s brother hates him and is out to make his life hell and life is not at all what it seems.
Oliver’s charms and whoos Laney, she falls head over heels for him vice versa there love is magnetic, magical and romantic... Lovey dovey if you may call it . Oliver would do anything for Laney; even die for her in order to protect her – but from whom and what and why?
In time discoveries are made and Laney is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed, vampires are real not a fairy tale, werewolves roam the earth and evil exits in minions. Will Laney give up her mortality to be with the one she loves, or will evil get there first and destroy it all? Oliver will stop at nothing to protect Laney from the evil that lurks. Can’t he protect her from himself, and the commitment he is willing to give? Will she be the one to give up her mortality to be with the one she loves? Turns of events change and things become a turmoil will Laney survive long enough to be with the one she loves for ever ?

I really enjoyed this book at first I thought it reminded me of Twilight, certain things seemed familiar but in time IT WAS NOTHING like it, references were made I found amusing eg they watched Twilight on there movie night - but Laney has its own storyline and you won’t be disappointed. I was giggling at certain parts, and grinning and this alone was enjoyable when a book can make you feel like this while reading - its done its job !!!
Oliver’s character is full of emotion and is very protective of Laney. He does not come across as wanting to eat her, ((aka Twilight) or any normal vampire book or movie he doest not want to devour her just the love he shows her is incredibly romantic and sweet and honestly this melted my heart alone. * SWOON * They are adults in college so this part is realistic in its own way. The love is cute, lustful and very dreamy. Laney knows what she wants and will get it - but at the same time relies upon Oliver to be her protector. The vampire in him does not scare her it excites her, this along is a challenge for Poor Oliver.
The characters introduced into the book I really enjoyed - Felix I envisaged ** swoon ** and other characters blended in well with the storyline and were well described- They created the world in which Joanne has made in the Brookhaven Vampires. The chapters flowed smoothly, fluently running from one to the next, the storyline evident and not predictable. The chemistry between Laney and Oliver was explosive, and very realistic. Joanne created he own vampire world, her own myths behind the vampire world. This I found enlightening and different I enjoyed it. Action packed, with romance, thrills and lustful moments, great characters, and plot. The only downfall I could find in this read was grammar errors, but this by no means detered me from liking the book. I am looking forward to book 2 in The Brookhaven Vampires series.
:)I look forward to more of Joannes books ;)
Brought in e format but will definetly buy the book to shelf it and read again !!

You can find Joanne on Facebook -!/profile.php?id=628215237

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall Win a Kindle comp

Lets  help Diane spread the word out about her debut release Darkness Dawns, the first book in her Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series, available February 1, 2011.

Pop on over to her blog to check out this great book and enter to win a kindle .. Follow all the requirments and good luck !!! The book is now available at The book depository free shipping world wide as well as
Here is the Excerpt :)
Once, Sarah Bingham's biggest challenge was making her students pay attention in class. Now, after rescuing a wounded stranger, she's handed in the middle of a battle between corrupt vampires and powerful immortals who also need blood to survive. Roland Warbrook is the most compelling man Sarah has ever laid hands on. But his desire for her is mingled with a hunger he can barely control...In his nine centuries of immortal existence, no woman has tempted Roland as much as Sarah. But asking her to love him is impossible - when it means forfeiting the world she's always known, and the life he would do anything to protect.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book review * Jaded Promises by Amy Romine *

With cyclone Yasi  nearby I bunkered myself  in my chair and brought the last book in the *Truth series* by Amy Romine. I really enjoyed the first two and today being the release day I decided to delve in buy it and read it .. and I must say I was not dissapointed.. ** Happy dance **

I was lucky enough to have won book one and two from another blog  ** thanks to ALternative reads ** in which I do follow and I really enjoyed the fast paced, Thriller- romance, touch of Erotic fiction  with that edge of this series. Here is the blurb :

He told her to let go, she did and his world changed forever
Eric Stiles has everything to lose and no matter how hard he fights he can feel his life slipping away.
Rebecca Gailen thinks that the love of her life is dead and only the vigor of revenge keeps her fighting to survive.
When a secret reveals more than anyone expected, it changes Eric and Rebecca’s lives forever. The devastating truth puts the couple at odds. Can they overcome their clashing conclusions and learn to trust each other again? Or will they let it rip them apart?

My review ;) 5 /5

Rebecca Galin thinks the love of her life is dead, and the only thing keeping her going is her revenge for him and to get through the living hell she has been in - To escape and survive.
 Eric is alive and wandering where his life is going, his new life is crumbling beneath him, will it get swept away, amongst the turmoil and destruction in his path to be able to live the life he never knew he wanted.
A secret is revealed, a mind blowing discovery that will change Rebecca and Eric’s life forever. Who can she trust, where can she go and who can she turn to ? Is blood thicker than water ?
Rebecca is kidnapped by the men who want  the mysterious locket, the men behind the phsco that made her life hell- her life is in danger, she is beaten and tortured and abused  she stands her ground and  her will is to survive.
Eric her knight in shining amour is out to find his love of his life, no matter where she is he will find her and save her from this hell she has been through.  Rebecca struggles on; to find out who wants her dead and why- and why- this mysterious necklace is ruining her life.

Wow!! Is all I can say, Jaded Promises is a fantastic ending to the trust series. It is filled with mystery, murder, family, trust, luscious sex  and lies and keeps you gripping your seat to the very end. It’s filled with twists and turns you would never have imagined and keeps you guessing the whole time.  I was blown away by the revelations that became about. Gob smacked I might say you would call it!!   I was kept intrigued throughout the entire story, rapt and drawn into this whirlwind of events. The twists and turns I never expected, the suspense almost killed me... I was taken aback by the dramatic disclosure and events that became about - thinking oh my gosh!!!! NO !!!!  I did not expect this-  I enjoyed this book not being predictable as it defiently was not !
I was still mesmerized by the love in which Eric and Rebecca still held onto through all there dilemmas.  The love was sensual, lustful and magical., the sex was hot yet classy and their feeling well described. They went to the end of the earth and back and love still conquered and found its way!! 
 Eric ** heart throb** was definitely my ideal knight in shining amour, always there for Becca , the emotions realistic as in every day life . I found the emotions realistic and very genuine... I enjoyed the way in which Amy showed the feelings, it was like poetry.
Rebecca’s character I enjoyed she had her moments but still stuck to her kick arse red head attitude ** FIREY AND STRAIGHT FORWARD AND INDEPENDANT  ** I enjoyed her tough exterior immensely but also liked the fact that she was only human and had her moments,  very real and emotional ,I felt I was their at certain parts, I was feeling torn with her .  One can only take so much -This being  Realistic in everyday life once again.
 Overall the storyline was fluent, face paced, and smooth, the dialogue flowing and the storyline consistant and never lacking a dull moment. I could just not put the book down! New characters were introduced and past books and information all flowed from book one through to book 3.  Mild sex scenes very beautiful and sensual  -  the sex does not overtake the storyline, just gives it that little bit of excitment very sensual and thrilling.
Overall a powerful thriller with that lush and sensual romance entwined......
I am sad to see this series end but I did not feel the story was left hanging Amy ended it with everything concluded and not that feeling that you thought something was missing.

Here is Amy's blog

Twitter link ;)

Facebook page :

All books are short reads, filled with romance and suspense but worth the read !!  They are sold as E format ;)  and can be purchased at several sites please do look on Amy's blog if you are interested ! You wont be dissapointed !!