Friday, September 3, 2010


I intially dont like to rate the books I read , as every reader has there own opinion I may rate this 5 which I defiently think its worth, yet someone else may read it and rate it differntly. But the outcome is my personal opinion of what I thought of it. :) I created this review on my thoughts and perceptions of why I enjoyed this wonderful book and there may be SPOILER !! be aware ..

Mind dazzling !!
First thoughts the cover looks fantastic!! Definetly drew me in. When you intially read a book about Angels and Demons you invisage a plot, but I can guarantee this book is not like any other. There are varities of books in this genre out there but Awakened was definelty one of a kind. It will Awaken something new In what you would never expect. The characters and story line I found instant connection with, the descriptions unforgettable, and all the personalities unique. The concept of the book was alone memorable. Differnt from any other novel I have read.

Chaper one was a great start to the series, flowed well and gave you the basics you needed to start. The terminology-glossary in the front of the book most helpful if you found one of the terms in the book you was unsure of you could just turn to this page, very detailed and I think a great idea.

 Once Lil turned 16 her life changed, a charming, sexy, headstrong and assertive, yet-secertive young man entered her life, her life changed. His assertivness came across quiet cocky, but once you read the book it will all make sense, very straight to the point what he says - goes ! . Lil is a very emotional 16 year old her life has gone from being what she thought it was to something completely different,a different world from the world she thought she lived in . She has lots of love to give yet very set on her morals and her ways. She finds herself making choices she would never have thought she would ever have to make and sometimes it made you wander if they were right, but it all worked out in the end. This is where Ednah Walters kept us in suspense, I found myself in certain parts wandering where she was going and then gob smacked to new additions throughout the book. Lil did things Despite the consquences her loyalty and love came first no matter what the outcome.

Awakened kept me intrigued the entire book, suspense drawing me in, page by page, Bran and Lils life and the life of the guardians is not yet completed there is so much more to come. The book ended, and I didnt find myself hanging off a cliff in suspense or thinking it halted mid story, Ednah left room for more and room for speculation. Any reader will find themselves wandering whats next !! I was happy with the way in which Ednah Walters ended it. I will be adding this book to my shelf to be re-read in the future and I must say I eagerly await the next book in ** The Guardian Legacy Series!!! ** Will good over rule evil in book 2 ??