Friday, September 17, 2010

International Comp over at Ednah Walters Blog to win great swag of Goodies

Hi Everyone,

Well today I have great news!!! Ednah Walters, Author of Awakened, Is hosting an International giveaway ... So everyone , anywhere can enter ..
Awakened.! Excerpt !
Orphaned as a child and raised by her grandfather, Lil Falcon is concerned with navigating her new high school and is unaware she's a descendant of the Nephilim, a race of beings with super powers tasked with protecting humanity from the demons who threaten it. But when she meets Bran, his psi unlocks her latent abilities and opens her eyes to what she is, a Guardian.

But Bran has a secret and befriending him sends Lil down a dangerous path that will either destroy her or make her stronger

This is just the begining,
 for your chance to check out this great book, please pop on over to Ednahs blog
and enter to win Awakened and a swag of great goodies.

1). A signed ARC of Awakened.

2). A Guardian Legacy T-shirt (black, female sizes small, medium, large or Xlarge)

3). A Guardian Legacy pen.

4). A Guardian Legacy bookmark

Please also spread the love and tell your friends about her fan page.. ;) Official Fan Page Ednah Walters on face book.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Guardian Legacy: My Book Trailer

The Guardian Legacy: Book Trailer: Here it is everyone !! Please check it out !! The book is fantastic and every bit as mysterious as the trailor ;)

The Guardian Legacy: Back-to-School pack GIVEAWAY- two readers will win...

The Guardian Legacy: Back-to-School pack GIVEAWAY- two readers will win...: "To celebrate the release of AWAKENED, in Ednah Walters debut YA fantasy, She is giving away.).
** A signed ARC of Awakened. Book 1 in *The Guardian Legacy * series.

** A Guardian Legacy T-shirt (black, female sizes small, medium, large or Xlarge)
Black is back :) Super hot shirt pics below !!

** A Guardian Legacy pen.

** A Guardian Legacy notepad
To win all these great prizes: Click on the link and follow the instructions to be eligible to enter.
!!!! To enter, leave your name with your re-post line or link on Ednahs blog link above !  Anyone who posts the  contests on their blog and/or Facebook and tweets about it on Twitter gets entered for EACH LINK, which increases their chance of winning the draw. :)

PLEASE READ: Check back to see if you’ve won, one again go to Ednah's blog  otherwise you’ll give up the prize after one week.

This is NOT international (check back in a couple of weeks for international giveaways)

Contests will run Thursday-through next Thursday (Utah US time. )Next week, the time will change to Friday-through-next Thursday. Ednah will  announce winners on Fridays when another contest starts.
Good Luck Everyone :)
and Please do pop on over to Ednah's blog to also check out her new book trailor :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bitten by Books : Virginia Kantra guest blog and contest now on !!!

Pop on over to Bitten by Books for Guest blog with Virginia Kantra .

Immortal sea competiton to celebrate her new book. Free books and internationally only for pendant .
Now they say to never judge a book buy its cover,, But HMMm if  was out planning to buy a book this would definetly be eye catching !!!! Eye candy what can I say Im a real sucker !!!
Feel free to check out Bitten by books blog,, lotz of exciting comps, blogs and posts always.. For original art work for Children of the seas click this link : hottest covers ..

Rachel Vincent Alpha giveaway

Pop on over to Rachels blog to view the Book Trailor for her last book in the Shifter Series ** Alpha** now Are you as excited as me.. HMMMM I surely hope so.. lol..


 So here is the link.. to enter..the great comp

and her is the cover to Alpha are you ready *******

Release date for end of September :)

Live Event - Interview-chat-Contest with Bitten By Books Author Cassandra Clare

For a great competition Pop on over to Bitten by Books who have a great Interview-chat-contest up and running with Author Cassandra Clare.. For anyone who hasnt read The Mortal Instruments ** you must** now she has another series out first book being CLOCKWORK ANGEL. !!!!
First in her new series *INTERNAL DEVICES ** for your chance to win the great swag , consisting of lots of fabulusooooo goodies.. Prize: An Awesome Bag of swag with a signed copy of City of Bones, a signed copy of Clockwork Angel, and a piece of Mortal Instruments jewelry from Cassandra!

Bitten by books has several interviews on a regular basis with loads of great authors interviews and chats, sit down make a cuppa and have a browse one day you wont be dissapointed..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last chance to win with The Babbling Flow Sara McClung !!! Great Arcs to be won !!!

Want some extra entries? Between now and 11:30am ET on Wednesday (9/8), do any of the following and leave the links on Saras blog . :)
Pop on over to for more details on how to enter.

(( overseas time )) not australian ;)

+2 tweet this: Win ARCs! Beautiful Darkness! Nightshade! + 6 more!! Open International! Ends 9/8 at midnight! @saramcclung

+5 write a blogpost about the contest

+7 write an exclusive blogpost about it

Head on over to Saras blog to enter this great comp.. Beautifu darkness and 6 more !!!!

Sara McClung arc giveaway

Sara McClung has a great giveaway on her blog. Arcs arcs and more arcs dont miss out ! Its international and free to enter :

Several Arcs to giveaway

A Set of Beautiful creatures hardcover and beautiful darkness arc both signed by Kami Garcier and Margaret Stohl.

An arc of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

An arc of Rot and Ruin by Jonathon mabery

 An Arc of
The unidentifed by Rae Mariz

An arc of Halts Peril by John Flanagan

The Goblen Gate by Hilari Bell

An arc of Jane by April Linder

An arc of The winds of Heaven by Judith Clarke

The rules are simple pop on over to The Babbling Flow and fill out the entry form and requirements and you are entered to win one of these fabulus!!!!! Arcs....

This is just some of them , there are more,, but do check out Saras blog to find out how and make it quick its ending soon .

Friday, September 3, 2010


I intially dont like to rate the books I read , as every reader has there own opinion I may rate this 5 which I defiently think its worth, yet someone else may read it and rate it differntly. But the outcome is my personal opinion of what I thought of it. :) I created this review on my thoughts and perceptions of why I enjoyed this wonderful book and there may be SPOILER !! be aware ..

Mind dazzling !!
First thoughts the cover looks fantastic!! Definetly drew me in. When you intially read a book about Angels and Demons you invisage a plot, but I can guarantee this book is not like any other. There are varities of books in this genre out there but Awakened was definelty one of a kind. It will Awaken something new In what you would never expect. The characters and story line I found instant connection with, the descriptions unforgettable, and all the personalities unique. The concept of the book was alone memorable. Differnt from any other novel I have read.

Chaper one was a great start to the series, flowed well and gave you the basics you needed to start. The terminology-glossary in the front of the book most helpful if you found one of the terms in the book you was unsure of you could just turn to this page, very detailed and I think a great idea.

 Once Lil turned 16 her life changed, a charming, sexy, headstrong and assertive, yet-secertive young man entered her life, her life changed. His assertivness came across quiet cocky, but once you read the book it will all make sense, very straight to the point what he says - goes ! . Lil is a very emotional 16 year old her life has gone from being what she thought it was to something completely different,a different world from the world she thought she lived in . She has lots of love to give yet very set on her morals and her ways. She finds herself making choices she would never have thought she would ever have to make and sometimes it made you wander if they were right, but it all worked out in the end. This is where Ednah Walters kept us in suspense, I found myself in certain parts wandering where she was going and then gob smacked to new additions throughout the book. Lil did things Despite the consquences her loyalty and love came first no matter what the outcome.

Awakened kept me intrigued the entire book, suspense drawing me in, page by page, Bran and Lils life and the life of the guardians is not yet completed there is so much more to come. The book ended, and I didnt find myself hanging off a cliff in suspense or thinking it halted mid story, Ednah left room for more and room for speculation. Any reader will find themselves wandering whats next !! I was happy with the way in which Ednah Walters ended it. I will be adding this book to my shelf to be re-read in the future and I must say I eagerly await the next book in ** The Guardian Legacy Series!!! ** Will good over rule evil in book 2 ??