Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ednah Walters

Welcome Ednah Walters, Author of
A little about the book :
Most teens turn 16 and get the license to drive, Lil gets the license to kill demons. Raised by an eccentric grandfather and used to being alone, she must now train with other teen Guardiansm master her abilities and follow rules set by the Council. Then she meets Bran, a mysterious and gorgeous guy who seems to be in tune with Lil’s emotions. Is he a Guardian or an agent of the demons? And why does he need her help??

Please check out Ednah's blog for all her updates and upcoming cover for her new book. It has been brought recently and all is in the works. I will update once her book cover and information becomes available. Here is the link to Ednah's blog. Do feel free to pop on over and check out this New Series in the making.

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